Strange drinks an iron will to order and strong stomach to digest

Placenta Drink

Placenta Drink is a combination of jelly drink and pig placenta

This weird and sickening drink has its origin in Japan. The Placenta Drink is a combination of jelly drink and pig placenta. Pig’s placenta is believed to have regenerative properties and is helpful to fight obesity as well, which is why this drink is quite expensive. No matter how great benefits this particular drink might be having but is it sickening to the core. The Lizard Wine

The Lizard Wine

This drink is quite similar in taste to brandy and is very good for eyesight and works as a shield against evil spirits but its making is ridiculous. It is ridiculous but is very popular in China. It is a mixture of ginseng herbs, fermenting rice wine, and Geko lizards. It is kept for a year in a clay vat for a year, after which it is strained and the green liquor is collected. Wine made of baby mice

Wine made of baby mice

It is very popular drink in China and Korea, which is a drink made of mouse babies. It is sold on large scale in China and Korea, as a people who cannot afford to visit a doctor on a frequent basis for small allergies like cough and cold prefers to have this wine because it effectively cures cold and liver problems. Poor baby mouse are drowned in vats full of rice wine, and the babies used are only two or three days old so that the drink is fur free. After that, the mixture is kept for a year in a dark and dry space before it is consumed. This drink has a very strong obnoxious smell. The Snake Wine Snake Wine (1) Across Asia, mainly in Thailand one type of wine is pretty famous, the snake wine. The wine is a combination of snake venom, whole snakes, peppers, ginseng, and other flavoring agents. It is certainly a bizarre drink but has some health benefits to offer like increases virility in men and prevents hair loss.]]>


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