Stunning facts about the deadly predator that is the piranha

<![CDATA[Piranha is one fish type that has attracted a lot of attention via either media or scientific researches. The omnivorous fish lives in freshwaters and is usually found in the South America Rivers. This is what the majority of people know and still there is a lot about them to be known, probably this is why there is so much of curiosity for Piranhas. If you are also somewhat curious to know them, read further and find out some amazing and weird facts about Piranhas:

  • Piranhas have real sharp teeth arranged in a single row. The top and the bottom teeth line is arranged in a way that they interlock and allow it to tear flesh easily. They have a varied and a vast range of water creatures to eat, ranging from small fish to some big ones, human flesh, dolphins, crocodiles, tortoise, and some other small and big creatures. Their teeth are so sharp that they can easily bite through a steel angle as well. This is why some people use Piranha teeth to make sharp weapons.
  • A piranha measuring 35cm was found in a river in Devon back in the year 2009. Everybody was shocked to find it in a river in England, but later it was found out that somebody had kept it as a pet but had to leave it in the river because it used to eat away hell lot of sweet corns. This lands us to another interesting fact about piranhas: that they love to greedily feed upon some seeds, they have the tendency to eat them in real huge quantity.
  • They do not live alone but in shoals of around twenty fish.

  • Piranhas have to have meat in order to satisfy the protein requirement by their body.
  • Piranha size is small also and big as well, as big. The fish can go from 5.5-17 inches in length, and can weigh 7.7 pounds.
  • In some movies, Piranhas were shown as creatures with insatiable craving for blood, which is not true. They are plain carnivorous creatures that mainly eat flesh and sometimes plants too.
  • The Piranha population is pretty much because both the male and the female Piranhas are fiercely protective for their babies, female Piranha lays as much as 5,000 eggs at a time, and owing to their extreme possessive and protective nature, almost 90% of them survive and hatch.



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