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Sound proofing your living space

<![CDATA[You can figure out the time when you should soundproof your living system is when the noise pollution coming from your next door neighbor starts driving you crazy. You cannot change your apartment because in every neighborhood, you will always find a wannabe rock star or a chatty roommate. So the best way to escape from such a situation is to soundproof your living room. Before proceeding towards sound proofing your living room, you should understand the fact that sound is a series of vibrations that cannot escape every matter. Mentioned below are some of the ways to sound proof your room.

Building ceiling and walls and adding sound proofing compound

Sound proofing your room requires a huge budget but the cost can always be brought down with a little effort. You can always add double walls and dropped ceilings in your living room if you have a huge budget. The other way to sound proof your living room is to add sound proofing compound. By adding sound proofing compound in your room, you can convert sound energy into heat energy. This would restrict sound waves from coming into your room. The problem with adding extra wall or ceiling into your living room is that it takes away the extra space but the sound proofing compound does not take much space because it is applied to the existing wall in the form of a thin layer.

Adjusting floors

If you have a noisy neighbor who lives in apartment right below your apartment then you need to soundproof your floor. By adding carpeting into your living room, you can sound proof your room completely. Furthermore, soundproof mats are also available in the market these days, which helps to store the sound waves in the mats and restricts them from entering into the room.

Sound proof panels

Soundproof panels are specially designed to store sound waves and restrict them from entering into a room. Adding soundproof panels in your living room is an expensive procedure. Furthermore, sound-proofing panels also needs a strong surface and proper wall structures to be attached with.


You can also utilize the existing furniture in your room to make your room soundproof. All you need to do is to cover the walls with book selves or hanging carpets. This will prevent the sound waves from entering into your room.


If you need to soundproof your living space, you need not necessarily consider the expensive options. You could very well attain a fairly good soundproofing by intelligent use of materials around you.]]>


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