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Ways to build an outhouse with a composting bucket toilet

<![CDATA[The concept of having zero waste systems is gaining the attention of environmentalists all over the world. As the name suggests, zero waste systems is a step towards utilizing every material found on earth and nothing should be thrown away. Zero waste system is not only beneficial for the environment but it also beneficial for human health and one’s garden. In addition, zero waste system is also time and money saving in a number of ways. The best way to promote the zero waste system is to build an outhouse in your backyard. Following are the steps of building an outhouse with a composting bucket toilet in your backyard:

Checking restrictions in your area

An outhouse is not permitted everywhere so, before building an outhouse make sure that an outhouse is permitted in your location. If you live near the sea, make sure that you build an outhouse 20-100 feet away from water.

Formulating a design plan

After you have dealt with the legal formalities, the next thing is to design a plan. Make sure that your outhouse is spacious enough incase a parent has to accompany his/her child. To make your outhouse comfortable, it should have proper ventilation facilities and a seat to sit on.

Constructing the outhouse

The first step towards constructing an outhouse is to dig a deep hole in the ground. The hole should be 2 feet by 2 feet. While digging the hole, one should make sure that the walls are even. The next step is to make the foundation. For that, you need to fix a wooden frame on the top of the hole.

To keep out the moisture from the hole, wrap the wooden frame with tarpaper. If you want your foundation to last for a longer period of time, build a concrete wall around the hole. After the base of your outhouse is made, you should make the floor from plywood and drill a hole into it. After fixing the floor on the top of the base, fix a seat on it. To complete the look of your outhouse and make it private, build walls around it and support it with a ceiling.

Maintaining the outhouse

After you have constructed your outhouse, you should think of ways to make it sustainable. After using the outhouse, you should start the decomposition process by throwing sand, ashes, wood ashes, coconut coir and peat moss into the pit. Place a dustbin for tissue paper and things such as tampons.


A composting bucket toilet can be fairly helpful in getting rid of the waste, and doing it in a better, eco-friendly way. Of course, you should make sure you have enough space.]]>


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