Smart home technology trends to expect in 2016

With a change in year comes a plethora of changes including changes in the technology industry. Every year, new and all the more useful smart home technologies surface making our homes convenient, safe and energy efficient, bettering our quality of life and enabling us to save money. Here is a list of such smart home technology trends 2016:

Netamo Welcome

A home camera system is making waves for its facial recognition technology. As soon as person enters a home that Netatmo recognizes, it sends a notification to a homeowner’s Smartphone. In case, the home camera sees a stranger, it sends a notification upon which a homeowner can act. One can disable alerts for the family members and friends whom Netatmo recognizes and keep alerts active for strangers.

LG SmarthomeThinQ Appliances

Indicating volumes of conservation and efficiency, these app enables appliances enable users to chat with them. One can send a message to control and communicate with these appliances, download recipes and control a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine while being at home or far away at the office.

Sensors for Seniors

Some old people choose leading an independent life by choice, while for some others it is a necessity. Whatever the reason might be, the concern remains the security of the elderly leading independent lives. Old age brings along a lot many challenges including weak bones, decreased mobility, immunity and an increased susceptibility to falls, thus making life full of risks for the elderly.

However, living in a smart home equipped with smart senior sensors is altogether a different scenario. Such homes are quite safe for the elderly and such homes are a smart home technology trend we are expecting in 2016. NumeraLibris, a Nortek Security and Control system is one of the mobile personal emergency response systems.

It sends data (I’ve fallen and I can’t get up) to the NumeraEverThere cloud solution that provides fall and detection information. Likewise, a range of other elderly alarms and sensors are available that one can choose as per individual needs and requirements.

Glass-Break Sensors

Glass-break sensors adept at ensuring a home’s safety and security are also a part of smart home technology trends 2016. The GoControl Glass Break Sensor seemed quite promising at CES. It mounts on a wall or a ceiling and monitors multiple windows and doors that fall within a 12-foot radius. Its two-stage thump and crash detection technology employs acoustic monitoring to analyze a glass break and announce it using a false alarm. It is going to be of great use for homeowners and a challenge for intruders.

TV as a Smart Hub

As of now, you must have seen home control systems using a smart hub to control the entire home. However, a new trend that is about to hit our lives is all about using a television as some type of a smart hub.

Samsung at CES 2016 announced its plans to include IoT (Internet of Things) technology on all its 2016 SUHD TVs. All these televisions will have the ability to serve as a smart hub or controller for everything in a smart home including lights, locks, sensors, cameras and thermostats.

The Smart Surface Trend

The futuristic kitchen surface trend is Panasonic’s Kitchen of Tomorrow that features an induction cook top. Named the Freestyle Induction Hub, a do-it-all cook top handles pots and pans of all sizes. The surface heats up only where the pans are and the rest of it remains cool. It also features a stirrer that measures ingredients and automatically stirs food.

Smart home technology trends 2016 are very promising. They are designed to add enhanced comfort, style and convenience to the lives of homeowners living in their smart homes.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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