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7 Effective ways you can save energy and water in your house

A lot of homeowners tend to waste a lot of energy and water around the house without even knowing about it. With increasing utility bills and growing awareness of environmental conservation, it is only befitting of many homeowners to try and reduce these wastages as much as possible. Here are some silent hacks that can help a home reduce energy and water wastage on a large scale.

Water Saving Hacks

When it comes to water, here are some hacks that may be of help in the matter.

  1. WaterSense Faucets

Upgrading existing faucets with WaterSense Faucets can help reduce water wastage to a great extent. These faucets come with special in built aerators that increase the pressure of the water flowing out while actually decreasing the amount of water that is used. You will never be able to guess that you are using less water than before with these faucets.

  1. Dual Flush Toilets

Toilets are undoubtedly sinners when it comes to wasting tons of water. The best way to thwart this is to upgrade them with dual flush toilets. These toilets come with dual flush settings for the ‘little flush’ and the ‘big flush’, and use just the right amount of water needed to flush off liquid and solid waste. This way, you can ensure everything is rid of in one flush and the need to repeatedly flush the toilet afterwards is minimized.

  1. In Line Heating Water Tubs

There’s nothing more soothing than soaking in a bathtub filled with hot water after a tiring day at work. However, there is a constant need to drain cold water from the tub and replace it with hot water every once in a while, thus leading to increased heating costs and water wastage. Opting for an inline heating water tub can help prevent this scenario. T

hese tubs help to keep the water in the tub hot by circulating and reheating it. They end up keeping the cold water hot for longer periods, thus preventing the need to keep adding hot water to the bath.

  1. Drip Irrigation Kits

Watering the plants tend to create a lot of water wastage. Drip irrigation kits preserve this extra water by delivering the moisture directly to the roots of the plants. This way, the plants require less water while ensuring that water at the surface is not lost due to evaporation. Some drip irrigation kits also come with timers to help you water plants at the correct time without any hassles.

Energy Saving Hacks

Saving energy in and around the house can be a cinch with these hacks.

  1. Switched off Appliances

Not many know that your everyday household appliances like the TV and computer will continue to pull energy even in a standby mode. The best way to avoid this is to completely turn off these appliances and remove their plugs from the sockets.

  1. Radiator Foils

Placing a radiator foil behind the radiator can help prevent the walls from absorbing the heat. It can also help reflect the heat emanating from the radiator back into the room, thus reducing your heating costs in winter.

  1. Wi-Fi Controlled Electronics and Appliances

A lot of companies offer gadgets that can help you control all the electronics and appliances in your home with your smartphone or tablet. These gadgets help you switch on off the appliances with just a touch or swipe on your smartphone. When plugged into the devices, you can use your smartphone to even set up schedules and rules for the run time of these electronics, thus saving plenty of energy in the process.

There are innumerable ways to save energy and water around the house in an efficient and hassle free manner. These simple hacks will ensure you reduce energy and water wastage in your home, and end up reducing your monthly utility bills considerably.

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