Smart home devices for tracking kids activities and monitor their safety


Parents are ready to do a lot when it comes to the safety of their children. It is not possible for a parent to always be with the child. Thanks to the modern technology that several devices are available to monitor the activity of children.


Fuhu, the company of the ‘nabi kids tablet’ fame is keen on developing gadgets for the safety of your children. Currently all the products are in the development stage. The company plans to bring out plug and play kits that would monitor children around the clock. There would be different kits for the kids of different age groups.

Like one for the babies will give you information about the feeding time, diaper-changing time and monitor the sleeping patterns of the baby. For slightly older ones a gadget will monitor the location of the kids and the conditions like temperature and humidity around them. All the devices that they plan to bring out will use your home Wi-Fi to sync with your smartphone.


A sound sleep is what you need to replenish your body system properly. Sevenhugs has created a smart device called hugOne that will help you monitor the sleeping patterns of your family. The hugOne hub connects to the little sensors that go beneath the covers of your mattress. The information about your sleeping patterns goes to the Sevenhugs app for interpretation.

The hugOne hub is linked to light bulbs and the smart thermostat of your home. The hub maintains the temperature of the house and wakes you in the morning. It glows if it senses that your kids are awake and are walking around.



The gadget is smart enough to monitor the breathing patterns of your baby and inform you of anything unusual. It also keeps an eye on the position in which the baby is sleeping and an alert is sent to you if the baby rolls over.

The gadget is the size of a button, clings to the clothing of the baby, and uses your home Wi-Fi to send you alerts on your Android or iOS. The manufacturer is confident of the product and offers a 14-day money back guarantee.


This smart gadget will give you a live feed of your house on your smartphone. You will receive a high quality video and audio. The Homemonitor sends all the footage to a cloud storage and from there to your smart device. You won’t be getting any bills for the data stored in the cloud. One of the coolest features of the device is the night vision.

It is capable of showing you up to a distance of 15 meters in the absolute dark. You can keep a check on your home and kids easily with this device. The app allows you to download any recorded video anytime from the cloud.

Motorola Hubble

No, it has nothing to do with the Hubble telescope. It is a device comprising of two units to monitor your baby or toddler. One is the camera that fits in the room of your child and the other one is the display unit, which would be with the parents. With the display unit, you will be able to monitor your baby by viewing the videos in color during the day.

The camera is equipped with infrared technology to give you a black and white but clear picture in the pitch dark. You can also hear the sounds of the baby or the toddlers playing. Using Wi-Fi you can connect to the monitoring system through its app, watch the videos, and hear the sounds on your smartphone.

Ensure the safety of your children, with smart gadgets like these, especially when you are not with them. Monitor them and record the precious moments with the touch of a button.

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