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Smarter Coffee by BritishStartup Company

Smart appliances not only make work easier in kitchen, but also offer hassle-free cooking experience.Making our life easier, faster and smoother,the high-tech cooking gadgets with dedicated application, apart from increasing cooking skills also offers chance to manage other chores. From methodological cooking to new recipes, these smart devices love your kitchen.


Pantelligent is a Bluetooth-enabled smart frying pan with built-in temperature sensor can easily synchronizethrough smartphone providing real-time cooking instructions.The smart pan with central temperature is made using solid die-cast aluminum. Offering proper heat throughout the cooking surface, it guarantees even surface temperature.

Designed to serve home cooked gourmet dishes in minute, the guide with step-by-step instruction ensures that user serve perfectly cooked dish every time. The alert systemsends a message making sure that the dish does not end up overcooked or burnt. The $199 pantelligent is an easy to clean and use frying pan designed for beginners and cooking enthusiast and pre-programmed recipes will give you plenty of options to serve something new every time.

Smarter Coffee

Smarter Coffee by BritishStartup Company

No kitchen is complete without an application that brews. The Smarter Coffee by BritishStartup Company Smarter is designed to create coffee before you rise.  The wireless coffee making machine with glass carafe is world’s first connected grind and brew machine that can remotely brew coffee from anywhere in the house.

Coming with a dedicated mobile application, the machine can offer up to 12 cups of coffee directly from mobile application. Available with three interchangeable panels to match with kitchen interiors, the machine is designed to keep the coffee warm for up to 40 minutes. The 3.5-inch LCD screen with simple user interface has a welcome and wake up home modes/timer to brew you perfect cup of coffee wherever you are.

Drop Kitchen Connected Scale

If passionate about cooking especially deserts and pies, then Drop kitchen connected scale with recipe application is an unbeatable combination that can turn any amateur into professional chef. Fabricated to help anyone make beautiful, delicious creations, the drop-connected scale is a wireless scale that can accurately weigh from 6 kg to under a gram.

The wireless device comes with interactive recipes that offer simple step-by-step instructions to create yummy baking miracle. Intended to offer substitutes when a product isnot available, the complete machine is designed to give perfect results, minimizing the baking fails. Priced at $99.95, the drop scale even re-imagines the recipes,hence seamlessly interacting with the latest kitchen hardware.

Anova Precision Cooker Wi-Fi

A perfect device for chefs at home, the Anova precision cooker Wi-Fi is an easy-to-use, lightweight smart device that connects with your smartphone andcooks perfect meal at the touch of button. To offer restaurant quality results, cooker with Bi-Metal Fuse comes with 360-degree directional pump.

With the tank capacity of 15-19 litters, it brings pot of water to acontrolled temperature giving you rightly cooked veggies, meat, eggs, etc.Made compatible with Anova’s mobile application for iOS and Android, the app is pre-fitted with delicious recipes. Priced at $199, currently it is available in 120v (USA and Canada), but will soon be available in 220v for international devices (AU, EU and UK).

Mixing contemporary style with practicality, the smart gadgets designed to offer restaurant quality cooking at home proves to be light on pocket and offer hassle-free kitchen experience.

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