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Parenting tips for same sex couples

When compared to the children of regular parents, the children of same sex parents were found to be healthier and had a strong bond to their families in a study conducted in Australia. A team of researchers from the University ofMelbourne studied 315 same sex parents for the survey. Parenting could be tedious, even the same sex parents would need some tips to work on their parenting.

Considering their opinion


Mutual respect is a very important factor in any kind of relationship. Children deserve respect and attention as adults do. In order to make the relationship more cordial their opinion should be heard. Agreeing or disagreeing on their opinion is a separate issue. It is important to teach them to voice their opinion with respect and politeness. There are chances that they may feel odd seeing other children who have heterosexual parents. Making them understand with love, about your relationship with your partner is required.

Paying attention to their needs

Paying attention to their needs

All parents do pay attention to the needs for their children. The important point over here is that they should also feel the same. Children of the same sex parents have precisely the same needs as that of the heterosexual couples. They need love, attention and possess a feeling that both the parents accept them.

See to it that their physical needs and requirements are fulfilled. Both the parents should be supportive of the children. All children need encouragement, encourage them to participate in activities they like.

Sparing time for them

Sparing time for them

I would say that this is the primary key to parenting. Giving quality time to children is the best gift that both parents can give to their children. Sit and chat with them, play with them and if they enjoy singing and dancing, join them. The love and fun that you share with children goes a long way. This way they feel more valued and cherished.

Never force them to be open about their parent’s relationship

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They might face a situation where they are ridiculed because of their parent’s relationship. They may feel different from other children. Sometimes it could be difficult for them to understand that they have two dads or moms.

Do not force them to be open about their parent’s relationship. You are open about your relationship with your spouse, they don’t have to be. With time and personal understanding, they will know how to cope with it, believe me they will.


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