Six most annoying things kids say

It is a tough task to handle a child’s queries and questions. However, children are found to be very adamant on anything they want. They clearly speak their heart if they do not like something around them. Children even do not spare their parents if they feel something is not going their way. It is a tricky task to make kids understand about the consequences of their demands. It requires enough patience to listen what the kid says and you need to be prompt enough in responding to it. If the way of responding goes wrong, it might put a negative impact on the kid.

Let us discuss few annoying things a kid usually says to their parents or siblings.


It is Mine

Kids are usually found saying something to be “mine” if they like the thing and want to own it. It usually happens when there are siblings. This depends on the mental maturity of the children to handle their competitive mentality. Children envy their siblings if their siblings have something new such as new toys, new dresses, and new shoes and so on. The easiest way to handle this kind of behavior is to ignore the children when they say “it is mine”.

This is not fair

Children are often heard saying, “it is not fair” if they do not like something they do not want to be deprived of. For example, if you stop a kid from watching his or her favorite cartoon, then they say that not to be fair. Being a parent, you need to make them understand that everything they want cannot be fulfilled. Talk to them so that they can express what they feel. Ignoring them this time might create a problem in the communication skills of a child.

You are not my boss

Children always feel insecure about their stature at their home in front of the grownups. If someone orders them something to do, they feel like being slaves to the grownups. They spontaneously deny from doing anything and declare that you are not their boss. The easiest way to talk to the kids is to request them politely or by pampering them if you want them to do something for you.

You never let me do anything

Children always want to do something or the other. As a parent you of course try to stop them from doing something that might hamper them. This makes them feel that you do not want them to do anything according to their wish. The better way to help them realize is to discuss the positives and negatives of the activities they want to do.


I want it now

It is very difficult to resist children from their wants. If they see anything new around them, they start whining to own that. You can always talk about the usefulness of the thing they want to know and make them stay away from owning it.

I do not like you

Children say this when they feel you are stopping them from doing what they want. You need to talk to them on a regular basis and pamper them to make them realize your importance in their lives.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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