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Does having a single child make one a parenting expert

Only child families have of late become the latest tendency for reasons untold. Whether one can become parenting experts, if they have a single child is a debatable question. This too has its pros and cons. Parents with a single child desires in building a sense of compassion and responsibility in them. They are more responsible to create a well-balanced life socially, keeping in mind the unavailability of siblings. This can result in boredom or loneliness while at the same time can also lead to better peace at home.

The decision of having a single child

Parents of a single kid get the best of the world in a few respects namely the fulfilment and joy of parenthood and the spontaneity and freedom of an improved childfree life. Single child is less expensive and raising the only child helps parents in devoting more time on them and lessening the financial strain. Every child is exposed to countless arrays of experiences, which will shape their functioning and temperament as a grownup. Lacking or having a sibling is one part of the endless pieces, which helps in contributing and shaping a child’s development as well as her misery or joy during their formative years. Parenting plays a more crucial role than having siblings that largely influences how the only child fares in this world.

The pros and cons of having a single child

Parents have to face the pros and cons of having a single child. One of the key reasons why single child is more content and confident is because they can keep away from sibling bullying. Often children with siblings complain about their things being misplaced or stolen and also being referred by nasty names by their sister or brother. On the other hand, getting all parental attention devoted to them makes them bossy, self-cantered and spoiled. An excessively close relationship with parents leads a single child in experiencing the problem of dependence in adolescence and every contact with the elderly makes them appear more mature as well as too fast in reasoning and speech.

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