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Simple tips for organizing a bedroom closet

 Simple tips for organizing a bedroom closet

A bedroom closet can turn into a complete mess if you do not organize it on regular basis. Most of the times, we do not pay much attention to the closets and also ignore them during cleaning, which results in a big mess eventually. Keep it in mind that no one will come over to keep it in stasis even during  your workdays and lazy weekends. It is you and only you who have to take stock and organize it in a neat and tidy way. You might feel overwhelmed and wish that you had enough time to do this tedious job. But with the following simple tips, the closet organization process will be accomplished in no time and with utmost ease.

  • Declutter

Before properly organizing the closet, start with clearing away the unwanted things. This gives you the perfect opportunity to decide what you should get rid of. Take out the unwanted clothes that you don’t wear anymore or doesn’t fit you. It is better to donate them to charities, which sell them further to raise money for poor or give them to the less fortunate to help them improve their quality of life. But make sure that the clothes that you donate are not torn and in  wearable condition. Throw away the rest of unwanted clothes.

  • Pack up the out of season clothing

After getting rid of unwanted clothes you must be left with enough space where you can keep the out of season clothes. If you do not have enough space in your closet, then you can store those clothes in storage boxes or bags and keep them under the bed.

  • Get hangers and employs decent hanging methods

Buy a set of decent hangers to hang your clothes in a sophisticated manner. Wire-Hangers are a big no-no. Make sure that the hangers are of same size, shape and even color to maintain uniformity in your closet. Hang your clothes facing the same direction. You can also get pant hangers for your formal pants and wooden hangers for   your leather jackets so they do not get stretched or saggy.

  • Get a shoe-rack for your shoes

Do not spread your shoes on the bedroom closet floor as it takes up the entire bottom floor space and also looks messy. Instead get a shoe rack or  a shoe hanger to properly organize your shoes.

  • Install shelves and hooks in your closet

Install shelves in your bedroom closet to store the foldable items like sweaters or jeans. You can also store the out of season clothing in these shelves if these have enough space. Also install some hooks to  display items so you can more easily see them like purses, scarves necklaces etc.

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