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Green home remodeling tips and ideas

‘Going green’ is the trend being followed by almost everyone worldwide in all of the industries like design, fashion, automobiles, furniture and many others. Why not opt the same trend even when planning the remodeling of your home. Although the concept of green remodeling is new in the architecture industry, but it is something that many people opting for and appreciating. And why not , as using this approach of home improvement does not only give a new and better look to your home but also works better in saving enough of your money, adding value to your home and enhancing your overall health as well as the environment. Given ahead are some tips and ideas that you can imply yourself and turn your home into a green home.

  • Seal any air leaks and drafts

The heating and cooling sources amount to a good amount of money. By preventing the inner warm or cool air and also resisting the outer cool or hot air to flow inside will let you save the unnecessary energy of any such sources. This can be done by dodging the drafts and sealing the air leaks and hence save money, as by doing so you can reduce the energy bills by a significant amount.

  • A Programmable Thermostat will also help in saving energy

In order to save energy, you can opt for a programmable thermostat instead of a standard one. Installing them is easier and these are also not pricey. When you install  a programmable thermostat in your home, you can adjust the heating or cooling levels of your home according to your requirements. This way you will be able to save enough of the energy that might go waste in other standard thermostats. Along with savings on energy bills this will also help you in reducing carbon footprints.

  • Set up low-flow shower heads and toilets

Standard models of toilets used 5 gallons of water per flush thus wasting large amounts of water. Ample water is also wasted on taking a shower under standard shower heads. Therefore, while green remodeling a house you can install low flow toilet seats that uses only one gallon of water per flush and help in saving enough water. Also by setting up low-flow shower heads you can reduce the bathing water consumption by a significant amount. These are available in a variety of styles including flow-adjusting dials and a pause button.

·         Make use of low energy or LED bulbs

When it comes to installing lighting fixtures in your home, you can install different kind of luminaries like, pendants, table lamps, floor lamps or any other that enhance your room décor. Just make sure that whatever you choose uses LED bulbs or low energy bulbs for illuminating purposes. This will again help you in reducing the usage of energy and also energy bills.


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