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Simple Tips to Adorn a Large, Blank Wall

Most of us tend to get lost when it comes to decorating a rather large, blank windowless wall. Leaving the wall unattended makes the area look dull. Rather than being intimidated by it, you can go ahead and transform it into a large canvas with creative ideas, thereby transforming the look of the room completely. Here are some ideas to start with.


Display Interesting Photographs

How about using the large wall as a background for some interesting pictures? You can opt to hang a couple of family photographs on the wall. Keep the photos nicely spaced while ensuring they do not cover the entire expanse of the wall, rather just a focal point on it. Use different sized frames to create a contemporary look. If the wall is dark colored, opt for bright colored frames and vice versa. This way, you can take the attention away from the blank wall to the photographs displayed on it.

Another alternative would be to use a single enlarged photograph, divided into separate frames. For instance, a large photo displayed in several frames in the form of a grid can create an interesting patter on the wall and act as a magnificent backdrop.


Opt for Patterned Wallpapers

Another way to make a large, blank wall appear more interesting is to apply patterned wallpaper over it. You can go through several interesting designs and choose the one that complements the room décor the best. Make it a point to choose a pattern that highlights the wall, but does not stick out like a sore thumb in the process.


Try Lacquered Paint

Do you want your wall to shine like velvet cloth? Then opt for lacquered paint to transform an otherwise dull wall into a classy corner overnight. Applying lacquer paint on the wall would give it a glossy effect instantly. Not to mention, it would be much easier for you to clean the wall too. However, make sure you not to opt for very bright colors as they may hurt the eye and make the wall look blinding instead of shiny.

Cover it with Art Pieces or a Bookshelf

If you have some art pieces lying around in the home, try hanging them up on the wall to create a nice backdrop. On the other hand, you can opt to place a bookshelf against the wall. Not only would this cover the blank expanse of the wall completely, it would make the surrounding living space look brighter. You can also opt to place a normal shelf against the wall and fill it with interesting items to create focal point in the room.

How about a Mirrored Wall

What about covering the entire expanse of the wall with floor to ceiling mirrors? Not only would this brighten up the space instantly, but it would make the room look larger as well. Although a tad bit expensive on the installation and maintenance end, this option can help you transform dull walls in your house effectively.

Prop Leaning Mirrors

If you cannot afford the idea of covering the entire wall with mirrors, you can opt to place a single, large mirror against the center of the wall. This would also help reflect light and brighten up the room in addition to making it look roomier. Make sure that you place the mirror properly against the wall though lest you want it to fall down and break.

Here are some of the common ideas you can use to transform that dull, blank wall in your house into a focal point. So unleash your creative side and start working on the wall right away.

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