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Significance of good parenting on child’s score at school


Educational grades of a child hold great importance. These scores are not merely numbers, but also the outcome of his/her overall progress and performance in the school. Grades reflect the parents’ efforts in the academics of their child. In fact, poor parenting directly affects the grades at school.

One of the most important ways through which parents can have a positive effect on the child’s grade is through proper communication. This can be done easily by taking active participation in helping to complete his daily homework, assignments, making projects etc. Communication also needs to be done with the educators through various school events and enquire about their child. This shows the parents’ concern about their child.

Parents, who are directly involved in their child’s education, have well behaved children who get good scores. On the contrary, uninvolved parents promote a negative feeling about the school. They give their child a message that the school is not important and the grades don’t matter. The grades suffer largely because of parents’ lack of interest.

Another important factor that affects grades is the learning environment at home. In an inadequate learning environment such as abuse, too much chaos and neglect, the grades become even poorer. It is also seen that children whose parents set a high standard and take active participation in the academics, score better grades.

Molding the child in a good structure is equally important too. This is by teaching good habits such as going to sleep and getting up early and completing the work given at the proper time. When parents don’t monitor the children and let them be on their own, it is likely that they don’t learn the value of time and their work remains pending with incomplete sloppy work or lack of attention. Such children do not take extra efforts in their studies and walk that extra mile.

In other words, parents who don’t discipline their child, fail to teach them the importance of persistence and time. They believe that the learning of their child is not up to them but up to the school. Parents who have no time to encourage and motivate their child are unable to make them do the best use of their capabilities and their children are devoid of positive traits such as self-confidence.

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