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Seven Secrets you should know to allure your partner

allure your partner

<![CDATA[Simple as it is, the concept of alluring their partner may be an enigma for most. Many romantic couples strive to do so by adding a surprise element to their expression of love. You have to reveal love in every little thing you do with your significant other. The manner you look at him should always convey the feeling of that first romantic look. In your pursuit of making your relationship last the test of time, you have to add some fun and excitement to it.

Wake up saying I love you

When the alarm snoozes in the morning, a sweet good morning kiss on the cheeks of your SO would surely make them feel your love. It is not only an expression, but also saying that the morning is good because we are together. Living each moment with him by your side makes your relationship a success.

Know it before they say it

Take care of every need of your partner and do not miss any opportunity to make them feel special. It brings you close and enhances mutual understanding. When they do something to help you, no matter how little a help is, saying thanks would make them feel good. Rubbing his shoulders with love when he comes back home could work wonders.

Effortless listening

Do not involve doubts, arguments and questions in your conversation with your partner. Make your relationship so strong that you do not have to ask him to repeat things. Remember the first romantic conversation you had with your partner and feel the same every time you talk and make him feel the same way.

Keep your promises

When you make a commitment to your partner, do not step back. Stop taking your partner for granted. Arrange a candle light dinner when it is least expected. Go out for a movie not because it a blockbuster but because you love watching movies together.

Share what you feel

Talk about almost everything. Keeping problems to yourself can cause disagreements to fester. The way you explain and talk about different issues makes a lot of difference. Sort out all the issues with an open heart and understanding. Keep no place for yelling and shouting in your relationship. Sharing your thoughts with your partner would help you keeping your love life stress free.

Sharing Responsibilities and compliments 

Praising your partner in front of other strengthens the relationship. Let him know that you love the way he is. Your sincere compliments can win his heart anytime. Make him feel that you are proud to be with him. Instead of blaming each other for things, share the responsibility and be the one to take initiative to say that, “apology is mutual.”

Keep it exciting

Do not let your love fade away in your busy schedule of managing parental responsibilities. Try to keep you relationship exciting and full of love. Keep adding something exciting and creative to keep yourself together. Research shows that happy couples make good parents and successful professionals. Never let your love take a back seat.

Love, intimacy, mutual trust, caring and forgiving attitude are a few ingredients that make a couple live in harmony.]]>

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