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School health check ups

These days, child health is the greatest concern in almost all developed countries. Health concerns like obesity, learning difficulties, hyperactivity and attention problems, anxiety and exam stress, depression, etc are on the rise. While most of these issues are related to unhealthy lifestyle choices many are due to lack of health awareness.


Moreover, some issues that may seem minor but can have major impact on the health of the child include eye examination, ear, nose and throat examinations and general health checks can help to pick up health issues that may otherwise remain unnoticed. Most of the time, children visit doctors only in case of medical need and the focus remains on treating the illness. Often the soft factors like the importance of healthy nutrition, regular exercise, playing outdoors, encouraging hobbies, etc are ignored.

A preventive health check would aim at understanding the child health status, the height and body weight, the eating habits and screening for any childhood disorders. It helps to create awareness about health and instill the importance of maintaining good health in children. Screening children for hyperactivity, attention problems, learning difficulties and other similar issues help in early intervention, thereby increasing the chances of improved health and school performance.

Parents can help

There are many associations and healthcare organizations that promote school health checkups as a part of preventive healthcare. Parents need to appreciate the importance of these health checks and insist their schools to arrange for such health programs. If your schools are already making such provisions it is a boon to your children and it is necessary for parents to extend their support for such events.

Parents can help by actively participating in such events. It is not advisable to remain ignorant of such check-ups as they are important for your child’s health and future. Parents can offer to volunteer in such events if required. Parents need to understand that any such health events like health checkups, seminars or workshops are for your child’s betterment and you can make them a great success by cooperating willingly.


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