Satellite Wi-Fi devices that let you stay in touch with your smart home from anywhere

With the latest innovations, it is possible to stay connected even in the absence of a cellular network. Here are few devices that hook up with the satellites to allow you to switch on and off the lights at your home from the other end of the world, to say the least.

Iridium’s GO

The love of adventure may drag you far away from the shores, deep into the ocean. The tide and the strong winds may pump up your adrenaline levels. Suddenly you realize that you haven’t checked up on your home. You gawk at your mobile and find no signals, no Wi-Fi!

Iridium Go is a device that you need for your adventurous trips. With this, you can connect up to five smart devices to this satellite phone via Wi-Fi hotspot. No matter which end of the world you go to the GO will keep you connected. You can control your smart home devices from the peak of Mt. Everest!

Globalstar Sat-Fi

Globalstar Sat-Fi is another device that will keep you connected through satellite. Whether you are trekking, relaxing on a beach on a distant island or taking a hot air balloon ride, the Globalstar Sat-Fi will allow you to make voice calls and send emails. Additionally you can post on your facebook and twitter accounts.

The Globalstar Sat-Fi antenna is connected to a Wi-Fi router through a cable. You can speak to your family via the voice call feature through the voice call receiving smart devices in your smart home. You can also voice activate several smart devices remotely with the Sat-Fi. There are apps for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS that allow you to connect to the world.

Inmarsat IsatHub

You probably stationed yourself near the wild life in Africa, the place is remote and you don’t have proper communication channels there. Fortunately, you were smart enough to carry the IsatHub with you. With the help of the smart apps for iOS and Android, you will be able to send, receive voice calls, text messages and access the internet as well.

You will be able to connect multiple devices to this hub using the Wi-Fi hotspot. Using the satellite technology, you can get in touch with your smart home and the various smart devices that automate your home.

Thuraya SatSleeve

This device is a not so smart one, as compared to the others in the list. It works only with iPhone and Thuraya are working to make you of the Android devices also. The cool thing is that it is a sleeve and pairs with your iPhone through Bluetooth and gets you connectivity in many parts of the world.

The company uses just two geostationary satellites in the orbit to get the SatSleeev connected. Sadly, unlike the other satellite phones this device gives a limited global connectivity. It doesn’t work in many parts of the world including the Americas! If you are in the UK or the Middle East, you can put on the SatSleeve on your iPhone and connect to the smart device in your home. May be they expand to the global connectivity in the near future.

RedPort Aurora

The device is an antenna to get you connected to your Smart home through your iOS, Android, Windows or Mac OS device. You convert your smart devices into a satellite device using the Aurora via Wi-Fi.

Redport has tied up with the satellite network of Iridium to give you a global coverage. You can make voice calls over the internet in any part of the world and check emails and are tracked by GPS too. You can hook on to the smart devices using IoT in your smart home from anywhere in the globe.

So, adventurer get any of these satellite Wi-Fi devices to get an access to your smart home from a great distance.


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