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Salt and Paper batteries will soon replace lithium batteries

salt and paper battery

Modern consumer electronics are manifestly becoming more and more power hungry. So thus far, we have been relying on the lithium batteries since these were the best available to slake that hunger. Anyhow, researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden wish to replace these batteries with a new battery made of salt and paper. Considering the fact that gadgets like smart cards, RFID tags and similar low portable devices don’t require much energy, the proposed development might easily replace the traditional lithium batteries.

The battery has hard-pressed mats of tousled cellulose fibers as electrodes and a salt solution for an electrolyte. For making it evermore eco-friendly, the researchers drew on redundant, polluting algae to form the paper layers to wrap the cell inside it. Hence, the manufacturing process and further performance is strictly within a sustainable frame. Moreover, going environmentally friendly never lets it forsake its primary business. Accordingly, these batteries tout a charging rate of up to one hundred times faster than lithium and an only six percent loss of storage capacity after 100 recharging cycles.

Via: Treehugger/Technology Review

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