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Responsible cooking can make your kitchen and food better

A lot of us tend to have Teflon coated non-stick cookware in our home. Although cooking meals on these utensils are extremely easy and efficient, the toxic fumes released from the same at high temperatures can harm the environment and even poison food items. It is our responsibility to replace these utensils with more eco-friendly alternatives. Accordingly, here are some green cookware options you can use to make your meals more eco-friendly.

Stainless Steel

Nothing beats stainless steel when it comes to withstanding extremely high temperatures during boiling, baking and sautéing, etc. Steel is non-toxic and can retain heat better, thereby helping distribute the heat evenly to cook the foods perfectly. Another highlight of stainless steel is that it is extremely easy to clean. A simple scrubbing will remove all the oil from the surface, making your pots and pans shine like new even after repeated use.

A number of companies have also started introducing solid stainless steel cookware, including pots, pans, griddles, roasters, baking sheets, muffin tin and lasagna pans, etc. that contain no PFCs at extremely affordable prices.

Cast Iron


Cast iron is one of the most simple and durable cookware available. It is also heat resistant and retains heat for longer periods. The only problem with cast iron is that it can rust. Hence, it has to be seasoned with oil at regular intervals. It is also considered advisable to clean cast iron cookware with a nylon dish brush and not with any soap. All you need to do is scrap away any residual food scraps and heat the pan to evaporate the water left in it. The only hindrance to cast iron is that it cannot be used by individuals who suffer from haemochromatosis and other similar conditions.



This organic material is an ideal cookware for baking and has been used for the same purpose for many years. Ceramic cookware is available in a wide range of products today and come in different patterns and colors for a more vibrant look. Companies like Ceramoresells and Le Creuset sell different types of ceramic cookware in vibrant patterns and colors for extremely affordable prices. Using these in your kitchen, you can ensure that your meals are no longer toxic, and are green enough to support your health and the environment around you.



Not many are open to the idea of cooking with glass owing to the fragile nature of the material. However, glass is nontoxic, durable and totally eco-friendly. That said, glass cookware cannot be used for every dish. For instance, you cannot use glass cookware for baking as glass does not spread heat evenly over the surface. You can use glass cookware for savory dishes like baked pasta and pot pies. If you are looking for some really nice looking pieces, try brands like Emile Henry and Pyrex.

Non Stick Cook ware


There are several companies that sell eco-friendly nonstick cookware as well. These utensils will not contain PFCs or any other kind of toxic coating. For instance, Green Pan makes use of a patented Thermolon technology to create nonstick, heat resistant pans. Another company called Orgreenic creates cookware that comes with aluminum bases as well as special coatings that contain nonstick materials like ceramic.

A few more tips to follow


If you still have a lot of Teflon nonstick cookware in your home, here are some tips to use them before replacing them.

Always heat the nonstick cookware at low temperatures. It emits more toxic materials at high temperatures. Do not place nonstick cookware in an oven at temperatures more than 500 degrees.

Always use the exhaust fan when cooking with nonstick cookware. This will prevent the fumes from spreading all over the kitchen and home.

Most of the nonstick cookware we use contains coatings that release fumes when heated to high temperatures. You can make your meals greener by opting for cookware materials that are more eco-friendly.


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