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Points of attention that should decide your furniture purchase

Carpeted floors not only look lovely, but also add a cozy and a luxurious atmosphere to a home. They make the floors sound proof, cozy, and enhance the interior décor. Today, you get a vast variety of carpet types and styles to choose from, which is a good point but a bad point too, as the more the choices the more daunting is the task of making a choice.

Despite all the factors that are adept at overwhelming you, you can still make a perfect choice if you are well acquainted with the carpet performance and your requirements. Here is a rundown on some of the most important point that must strike you while buying a carpet for your home, so there is no space left for a wrong carpet selection:

Carpet Fiber

You cannot just purchase a carpet because you liked its design because there are a number of other factors that you must consider in order you make a flawless carpet choice. One such factor to consider is the fabric of the carpet because the fabric determines durability and the maintenance of a carpet.

The most common and widely preferred carpet fabrics are wool, nylon, olefin, and polyester. Wool is the most expensive carpet fiber, and is soft and eco-friendly; probably this is why it has such a massive demand. Nylon carpets work best for the high-traffic areas and the colors and patterns you get in nylon carpets are just gorgeous.

Type of Carpet

You get carpets in a variety of types and the choice of a carpet depends upon your requirement. Some of the carpet types are – Plush Textured Carpet (does not show footprints and scum marks), Plush Saxony Carpet (a soft carpet), Patterned Carpet, Berber Carpet (durable and ideal for high foot traffic), and many others.

Stain Resistance

Stain resistance is one feature that you must consider before actually buying a carpet. Stain is something that some or the other day your carpet will certainly get. Even if you and your children are extremely cautious regarding spilling drink or dropping chips on the floor carpet in the living room, probably your guest does not care for your carpet and drops his glass of wine on it. Therefore, carpet has to have a certain level of stain resistance, or else, be ready for throwing one carpet after other in the trash because staining does happen.

Check its warranty

Invest some time reading the product specifications or ask the sales man clearly about the warranty policy of the carpet you are planning to pick. Whatever carpet you take home, it must have a warranty that claims exchange of the product if anything wrong happens to the carpet while it is in the warranty period.

Look & Style of the carpet

You can get ample styles and looks of carpets from the market but whatever choice you make, it has to suit you and your home in numerous aspects. For instance, the pattern and the size of the carpet should go well with the space available in your home, as in it should be the one that makes a room appear small or messy.

You must compare and try to match the proposed carpet with the already available furnishings in your home. In case you have any plans to sell off your property with all the furnishings as it is, then buy a carpet that has neutral colors so that it matches tastes and furnishings of the future owner.

Carpet choice can overwhelm you, and the best way to escape such confusion is to understand all the points and remember them every time you go out to purchase a carpet for your home.


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