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Replacing and upgrading the bathroom vanity

Is it time you need to replace your old bathroom vanity? If yes, then you can definitely give your bathroom a makeover by removing the old vanity and installing a fresh one. While many people may find this task complex and difficult, it actually can be made simpler by following a few tips. Check out the way you can easily perform this task of replacing your bathroom vanity.Gather the required tools

You will first need to get rid of your old vanity in order to install a new one. Thus, you will require a few essential tools to work. Gather tools like a screwdriver, utility knife, electric jigsaw, silicone gun, sandpaper, wrench, spirit level, pencil, tape measure, and masking tape and paper.

Take out the old vanity

It is essential to create space when you have to install a new vanity. Therefore, you should first take out the old vanity. Look under the vanity and see how it is attached. You may find a rail at the back through which several screws are fixed. You may also find screws in the corners. Check the way the vanity’s sink and countertop are fixed to the base. You may find it fixed using some glue or screws. As the top is lighter, it can be first taken out using a utility knife or blade. Cut through the caulking around the edge. Make sure you turn off the water supply to the bathroom before you begin this task.

Start by disconnecting the supply tubes from the base and undo the drain. Clean any molding around your vanity and then take off its doors and drawers. Now, you can remove the screws using a screwdriver and disconnect the vanity from the walls. Slide it away from the wall. It is better to put down a blanket to protect your floor. When the vanity is removed, check for any damage that might need repair. It is the right time when you can repair such damage.

Install the new vanity

According to the measurements of height and width of your new vanity, mark its edge positions at the place where you want to fit it. In the same way, you should also measure water pipe and drain line locations so those measurements can be transferred to the back of your new vanity. Now, drill and cut holes for water lines. You also need to check the location of studs on the wall and mark it on the rail of your vanity. Then, drill holes for the screws according to their size.

To fit the vanity, it is better to first take out its drawers and then slide it into position. Ensure that drain and water pipes properly come out of the drilled holes. You should also check that the cabinet is leveled. If not, then you may use shims to level it. When it is rightly positioned, attach it to the bathroom wall using screws.

After it is done, fix your new faucets according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, run a bead of caulk along the top edges of its base and secure the top properly. Reconnect the plumbing and finish the job by caulking the countertop edges. After a while, turn on the water supply and check for leakage.


It is not a difficult task to replace your old bathroom vanity with a new one. With precise measurements and some drilling work, you can easily give your bathroom a new look.


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