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Recycling bicycle parts into stunning new creations

Bike Chain human sculpture 

We have been using bicycles as an easy, eco-friendly and a healthy mode of transport for long. With the advent of advanced, motorized transportation options, it is sad to see these loyal on-road companions ending up in the junkyard. However, there is a strange urban appeal to bicycle, as it flashes desirability even in its sad disintegrated state in those who wish to preserve good old memories.

Some designers and creative artists across the world have come up with unique ideas to make useful items out of the discarded bicycles, so that that you can still keep up a part of you cherished cycle long after its disintegration. Here let us have a look at some of the most amazing objects made using recycled bicycle parts.

Bicycle furniture design 

Designer and bike mechanic Andy Gregg has used the disintegrated bicycle parts like steel and aluminum rims, handlebars and frames to make contemporary designer furniture. Transforming old bicycles into armchairs and stools, the furniture line is sure to give an exceptional, interesting makeover to any interior. The designer has even incorporated rubber wheels into his unique furniture creation.

Bike Chain human sculpture 

Bike Chain human sculpture 

Image Source : thisiscolossal.com

The Korean sculpture artist Young-Deok Seo’s bike sculpture has won adulations globally. The sculptures are mostly in human form – of full bodied, disembodied and half-bodied men in sitting, standing, hunkered and in squatted position. While some of the sculptures have clear delineated facial features, others are plain.

However, these men are not mere sculptures. They breach the mask of our pretentious life and invade our inner disillusionment towards the mechanical and fractured world that is mournful, joyless and unhappy.

Window screens 

Artist Brian Echerer has come up with some bright and beautiful accessories for the widows that he has created using old bicycle parts. Welding together the mechanical parts of cycle like gears, cogs, spokes and chains of the bicycles, Brian managed to create beautiful window screens that other than protecting you from sun and rain also help in sustaining the environment. To add colors, the designer used stained glass to fill in a few vacant spaces in between, giving a completely dramatic look to window screens.

Hunting trophy hanger 

Many people hunt wild animals and hang their heads on the wall as sculpture to flaunt their sham, rather shameful, gallantry. For those who desire something similar but in a humane way, the hunting trophy hanger made from bicycle’s bar-handles and seat can be a unique way to embellish their home. Looking identical to an animal head suspended from the wall, the hunting trophy hanger also conveys an important message of wildlife protection.

LED lights 

Roumelight has transformed the ordinary looking bicycle wheel into an amazing LED bulb. To create this wonderful light, all the user need to do is set the inner rim of the bicycle with LED lights. This unique item will definitely adore your living rooms with spectrum of lights when switched on at night.

Chandeliers made from bicycle parts

Recycling discarded bicycle chains and wheel rims, Los Angeles based designer Facaro has come up with some amazing chandeliers that now adore lobbies of rich living and dining areas in modern homes and hotels. This innovative and unique creation has caught the world with surprise and is set to break open new trend in the world of interior designing.

Creative designers and artists keep coming up with unique objects made from recycled bicycle parts to make modern home décor more meaningful. If you do not have the tools and skills to make any of these objects, you can at least buy one for yourself to play your part in sustaining the environment.

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