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How to Recycle Your Electronics and Help Reduce E-Trash

Humans are increasingly becoming dependant on electronic gadgets for their day-to-day activities. The result is too much of E-trash that tends to litter homes as well as the surrounding areas. Not to worry though, for here are some effective ways in which electronic items can be recycled, thereby reducing e-trash to a great extent.

Donate Technology

To Organizations Specialized in Recycling Goods

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An effective way to get rid of old electronic items in the house without necessarily dumping them is to donate them to someone who would find these items useful. Sites like FreeCycle accept donated electronic items readily. Non- profit organizations like Hope Phones and Cell Phones for Soldiers collect cell phones and distribute them to soldiers returning from war as well as public health professionals working in third world countries.

Companies like Staples also deal in recycling certain goods to give back to society. Call2Recycle recycles old, used up batteries. These organizations ensure that donated items are properly broken down and recycled to create new, more usable products.

To Local Schools or Libraries

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Local schools as well as libraries are always in need of computers, new and old. One can easily check local resources to find out potential recipients at these places who can take away the computer for free. Websites like eCycling Central also maintain databases of such recipients, which would make it easier for one to choose a school, library of any other public department based on the latter’s specific needs.

To Refurbishers

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It would also make sense to donate an old computer to a refurbisher. He/she would then open up the computer and salvage the working parts to be used in new devices. Ensure to wipe all the data stored in the device completely before giving it away.

Return to Store

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Many stores invest in lucrative buyback programs these days. It is relatively east to inquire about such options from a store when one makes a new purchase. Returning back old laptops, cameras and mobile phones in return for newer models at discounted prices is a fad most stores follow these days. Some of these stores also offer great deals on gift cards in return for old electronic items.

Sell On Online Stores

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You can easily sell used electronic items on websites like eBay and Craigslist. Although these items tend to lose value as newer models enter the market, there is always the chance that someone on these sites is looking for these items at discounted rates.

Recycle Locally


It is wise to check with local recycling options when throwing away used electronic items. For instance, individuals in the US can check the EPA website for local recycling options for electronics. This would ensure a safe and useful recycling of the discarded items.

Make e-Bags

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It is customary for individuals to receive small gifts like memory sticks while attending conferences. One can easily repurpose these gadgets to make creative accessories. For instance, one can make use of the smaller pieces of electronics to make bags or clutches. Then again, handing them out to others who need them would not be such a bad idea either.

And Finally, Buy Less

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There is no denying the fact that most users buy some electronic items that they rarely use. As such, it is advisable to consider the reason for buying an electronic item before actually buying it. Would we really need the gadget? Will we be able to adjust without it anyways? Answering all these questions would help one decide whether it would be necessary to buy the gadget, thus contributing less to e-waste.


Many old, used electronic items are discarded every year, contributing to landfills worldwide. A wise way to prevent this would be to recycle them properly. These options would help one understand how electronic items can be recycled, thereby reducing e-waste largely.


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