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Five recommended clothes for lactating mothers

Motherhood is a joy which is accompanied by a special bond between the mother and her child, particularly strengthened in the process of breastfeeding. While this is an endearing quality about motherhood, there is also a need for the mother to be comfortable in the clothes that she is wearing during the lactation period. This calls for clothes which have an easy access for nursing, especially while out in public. There are different types of nursing clothes available for lactating moms such as bras, dresses, tops, breastfeeding pads and many others. Here are five of the most highly recommended clothing for the comfort of any breastfeeding mom.

1. Nursing bras

A good nursing bra is one of the most important part of the wardrobe for a nursing mom. They come in various styles and shapes such a non-wired and under wired ones as well as those that have flaps in the front. Under wired bras are more supportive although they may be a bit more uncomfortable. The ones with flaps can be pulled down from the top part near the strap, always taking care to ensure that they can be adjusted back properly. The flap ones are very convenient for night time nursing and there are bras for daytime nursing as well.

Top picks

The best pick for these bras are the Light Support Nursing Sleep Bra and the Full Support Soft Cup No Wire Nursing Bra, both from Motherhood Maternity which deals with a wide range of nursing cloths. They are very comfortable, supportive and made of cotton or cotton blend Lycra material.

2. Breastfeeding pads

These pads can really help lactating mothers, particularly when milk gushes out or there is leakage as they help to absorb the milk. They play a very clean and hygienic role for the mother and baby as well. The most comfortable and breathable nursing pads are those made of silicon.They are disposable and can be freshly replaced whenever required.

Top picks

The best brand for nursing pads are those that are available at BabiesRus such as those by Medela and Lansinoh which all have around 60 or 36 counts of disposable pads.These are all made of silicon fabrics and very absorbent and safe for both mother and baby.

3. Breastfeeding tops

Nursing tops are the most casual and comfortable wear while you take baby out to public places. They can be easily lifted for baby and has good coverage for the breast. These tops are made in two layers with the inner layer resting just below the breast and can be easily lifted to feed baby. The other layer acts as a coverage while baby is nursing underneath. Some of the nursing tops also come with a slit in the center of the breast area which acts as an opening for breastfeeding.

Top picks

The recommended brands from Motherhood Maternity include the 3/4 Sleeve Pull Down Double Opening Nursing Tee and the 3/4 Sleeve Pull Over Nursing Blouse. Both these tops are very flattering and have easy accessibility for baby’s feeding, as well as wide coverage for the breast while in the midst of a crowd.

4. Breastfeeding dresses

These dresses are ideal for a nursing mother especially on social occasions when baby comes along. They are usually in dark elegant colors, suitable for formal occasions and have side gatherings for complimenting your body shape. These dresses normally have low necklines for easy opening should you need to feed the baby.

Top picks

A Mothers Boutique offers lovely dresses for the breastfeeding mom which are all highly comfortable, formal and have easy access openings. These dresses are wrapped around the side like a shawl tunic, giving good coverage as well as comfortable feeding for baby. They are made of organic fabrics like bamboo and are breathable, durable and lightweight.

5. Breastfeeding sleepwear

Nursing sleepwear is a must for any breastfeeding mom as it will ensure comfort for her and easy feeding for baby at night. New mothers long for good sleep and good nursing sleepwear will help make things easier for her as they are handy for night feeding. While lying down, baby can be breastfed as these dresses have easy openings, whether they are in nightgown or pajama styles. These dresses are appropriately designed and made in such a way that the mother can get back to sleep in comfort in between feeding times.

Top picks

Motherhood Maternity has some nice selections for the night time and made of comfortable cotton or cotton blend materials. The most recommended sleepwear includes the Sleeveless V-neck Nursing Nightgown and the Long Sleeve V-neck Nursing Pajama Set which are both comfy, breathable and light.

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