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Recently discovered Octosquid attracts scientists’ attention

An octopus like creature has been found recently off Big Isle. This is basically a half octopus and half squid like specimen discovered by the scientists. It’s called ‘Octosquid’.

Even though this ‘creature’ has been named octosquid, local biologists aren’t sure of what to call it. It still remains unidentified.

Where was it found?

This creature was discovered when it was caught in a filter of one of the National Energy Laboratory of Hawaii.

The operations manager of NELAH Jan War was excited to see this specimen along with others:

When we first saw it, I was really delighted because it was new and alive.I’ve never seen anything like that.

Action taken:

When the squid was discovered, it was obviously pulled to surface for a look. There were other visitors also: rattail fish, jellyfish and octopus tentacles.

The pipeline is cleaned once a month and filters normally have visitors of this sort. This only proves the fact that there might be more creatures hidden deep in there that we are not aware off. However, this is different from the Loch Ness monster (another mysterious creature of deep sea).

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