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India to face locust attack

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A FAO report has warned India over the locust invasion. The locusts are known to reap havoc in Africa and the news of their crossing into India has put the Indian agencies on tenterhooks.

As India wets itself under the monsoon rains, the news of a locust attack has sent tremors around states like Gujarat and Rajasthan. Rainy period is known to be the breeding ground for swarms and locusts. Teams have been sent to take stock of the situation in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Gujarat is already suffering under a pathetic flood situation and a locust attack can make situation worst for the state known for its groundnut oilseed and cotton production. The most vulnerable are the grasslands in Kutch (where already few swarms have been sighted), Patan, Porbander, Jamnagar, Rajkot. However, agencies deny that the locust would be a danger to the state as they have provided the state with chemicals, insecticides and equipment to prevent any damage.

The locusts are widely known to reap devastation in Africa, damaging crops to such an extent that sucks a lot of financial kits. They damage pasture, date palm, cereals and vegetation crops, affecting farmers the most. A locust upsurge needs to be tackled with insecticides and biologically produced hay sprayed in the fields and plantations.

India needs to apply the best tackling methods available at source to reduce risk to crops, health and environment. Else the swarm known to swallow as much food as 2500 persons can reap havoc.


Via: Reuters

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