Raising vegan babies: The diet basics

Vegan diet is a new concept in the arena of food and it has a deep relationship with health. The term “vegan” literally means vegetarian. Thus, a vegan diet comprises of everything that is devoid of animal protein as is found in non vegetarian diet. The researches on food and health have revealed that there are profound health benefits of vegan diet, if it is administered in the scientific way. Hence, if you wish to raise your kid with a vegan diet, then you must ensure that the kid gets sufficient quantity of calories, proteins and nutrients in the form of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

The inspiration

If you plan to switch over to vegetarianism, it will never be something unusual as the Hollywood stars are already doing such things. Say for instance, the famous actresses Jessica Simpson and Olivia Wilde. They have recently shifted to plant based diets in place of animal products. The very popular former US president, Bill Clinton has also become a confirmed vegetarian to ensure the well-being of his health. Similar is the case with Alicia Silverstone, who is bringing up her three years old kid, Bear Blu, on a strictly vegan diet.

What makes it so special?

The first thing that makes a vegan diet score in comparison to a non vegan diet is that by expelling animal based food like meat, eggs, milk, liver, honey, you are being generous and kind towards the humble creatures. Added to it the other health benefits of vegan diet are numerous. By avoiding dairy products and meat, you can keep away from saturated fats, which trigger at improved cardiovascular health. Absence of over doses of carbohydrates help in controlling obesity. Vegan diet comprises of high doses of dietary fibers which clear the bowel process and curbs chances of colon cancer. Such a diet also helps in arresting the chances of increased blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes. Vegan diet can also arrest the further growth of prostrate cancer if detected at an early stage. Switching over to veganism also arrests the process of age related muscular regeneration, thus helping in keeping you youthful for a longer period of time. The presence of higher levels of antioxidants also prevent the occurrences of premature cataract. Rheumatoid arthritis is also kept at bay if vegan diet if followed in a strict manner. Researches also suggest that those who have a vegan diet live at least three to four years more than a non vegan individual. It is also helpful in promoting healthy skin, nails, hair, elevated levels of energy, prevention of bad breath, body odor, PMS and allergies.

How can you follow it?

When your baby is in its first six months from delivery, attention should be given towards his or her proper nutrition. Thus, it is essential to breastfeed the baby together with administering of plant based vegan organic formulas for babies sold at stores.

When your baby is able to eat semi solid food, give the baby blended and pureed food, which can be made from fruits, cereal grains or vegetables that can be easily digested. Keep on altering the food you provide to your baby so that they appear new and tasty to him or her every time. You can also make smoothies with fruits, or vegetables to which some water is to be added.

After nine months, give your baby solid foods like peeled apples, bananas, boiled nuts, etc. Ensure that the toddler gets enough of carbohydrates and proteins at this stage for its proper growth and development in the form of legumes, boiled brown rice, millet, tofu, Brewer’s yeast, spirulina, etc. Provide sufficient quantities of fat in the form of unrefined coconut oil, walnuts, olives, olive oil, flax oil, pumpkin seeds, etc. which will generate the required energy within the body of the baby needed for the growth and physical activities of the kid. Enough of vitamins in the form of sea vegetables, chlorella, etc. along with Omega acid sources like corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, etc. are also essential now.

Bottom line

In order to raise your child in a vegan way, it is also important to shift to veganism right from the time you are carrying your baby within the womb. It is really challenging to resist the temptation of non-vegetarian delicacies and at the same time ensuring proper nutrition to the fetus. But it is the mother’s will power and determination that stands out. It has also been found that kids raised on vegan diet are sharper, taller and academically more improved than other children of the similar age group. Hence, it is always wise to become vegan.

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