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Quabbling neighbors mar Dead Sea revival bid

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As usual, political disputes are now taking their toll on the famously salty sea, lying at Earth’s lowest point. The Dead Sea, receding by some three feet a year for the past 25 years, needs immediate intervention by the nearby governments to save its complete disappearance by 2050. And, along with it, the sea will take away its unique ecosystem.

But, the rat race in saving the biblical and ecological treasure is slowly pushing the dying sea in the tangles of disputes within Jordan, Israel and the Palestine. Disputes between Israel and its Palestinian and Jordanian neighbors have for long held up a crucial project for boosting the water level.

The project planned of piping in water to the shrinking sea from the Red Sea in an effort to save it form extinction along with is ecosystem.

Mohammed Thafer al-Alem, Jordan’s water minister said,

But the ball began to roll a few months ago because of the gravity of the situation and the dangers facing the Dead Sea, which is a unique heritage not only to the countries that border it but to the whole world.

Disappointingly, in spite of finding out mutual efforts to save the sea, Jordan, Israel and Syria – to meet their political interest – have diverted, not to mention of its overuse, the Jordan River flowing into the Dead Sea. It is a part of a river network.

River diversions coupled with mineral extraction along with the natural reasons like evaporation, are all leading the Dead Sea to its grave.

But, did they ever think of what they are disputing on? – Right now, what is their ‘treasure bank’ may very soon have no trace on the earth’s surface! Thanks to their political brawl.


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