Home planetarium: Star filled beautiful sky anytime, anywhere

If you ever wished to travel to distant galaxies from the comfort of your own home, Uncle Milton Star Theater Pro comes as the best option. It is a portable and sleek projector that can bring the ‘stars’ of the universe into home along with the planets, meteors, satellites and comets. The optical projection system comes with two discs to yield a crystal clear view of the grand cosmic scenery. It is as simple as inserting the discs within and sitting back to relax. Enjoy the galactic journey with a pouch of chips and some cool drinks while reclining on your comfortable sofa.

Star Theater Pro

Geeky design and concept

A first timer who has not seen anything like this is sure to gasp in awe at the stars that will light up the walls and roof of the room. This modern unit has been designed in a sleek body with elegant curves. The sphere is simply beautiful and it rests on a black, shiny base. There are two discs to choose from which can be inserted into the projector.

The first one is a Sun/Moon/Earth disc while the second is a starfield disc. The control panel allows the user to enjoy the view of a gently rotating sky or study the magnificence and position of a clear and still sky. Adding to the ambiance is the soundtrack that matches the visuals playing all around. The sound definitely enhances the feel of the cosmic voyage.

The creators of this Star Theater Pro have provided a focusing dial on the top. This will help in getting images with great sharpness and clarity in rooms and halls of different sizes. The projector comes with 3D glasses which is essential to create the magic of moving about in space.

Why is it great?

Travelling into the vastness of the universe can be a very relaxing and calming experience. The projector ensures that the set-up and display for such an experience is easy and not time-consuming. The best thing about this projector is the academic value it carries. Since the stellar structures are precise and almost accurate, it can be used to educate the kids on the magnificence and glory of the universe, we live in. Another great thing about the projector is that it runs on as less as 3 AA batteries. It is compact and light. It measures 6 inches by 6 inches by 7 inches and weighs just about 2.3 pounds.

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Cost:The listed price for the product is $99.95.

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