Bizarre playhouses for kids

Kids imagination transcends beyond any defined edge. This makes them open and more experimental towards trying out anything which comes across them. Playhouses, one prime element of entertainment for kids, if presented in bizarre designs will delight them to no means. Here, we have shortlisted some of the most bizarre playhouses, kids would love to stick on to. Let’s have a look at these.

1. Star Wars: Tie Fighter Playhouse

Star war

Science magazines and comics notwithstanding, kids never fall short of asking for more. They love to imagine floating on space, fiddling with stars and planets. ‘The Star Wars: Tie Fighter Playhouse’ has been designed, primarily by keeping this very objective in mind. It has enough room for letting kids feel like king. Further, it will provide kids an edge over others who are inclined towards the darker side of the scheme of things.

2. Pirate Themed Clubhouse

Pirate Themed Clubhouse

With a built similar to a ship wrecked by tempest, losing its way before finally ramming a tree, holds enough ammo to fire up your kid’s imagination. It’s distinct, wide and spacious enough to accommodate even an adult. One of its kind of a playhouse, your kid will be excited to dwell in it.

3. Nuclear Playhouse

Nuclear Playhouse for kids

How about letting loose shackles in a playhouse resembling to have emanated from clouds of nuclear explosion? As bizarre as it sounds, it appears equally freaked out. Designed and developed by Dietrich Wegner, a Pennsylvania based artist, this unique fusion of clouds shaping up as a tree house will delight kids. Mr. Wegner describes this playhouse as a place of escape, imagination and comfort. What’s your take on it?

4. Life-size edible gingerbread playhouse

Life-size edible gingerbread house

Well, nothing might get more bizarre and crazier than this. A playhouse designed for kids out of edible chocolates weighs 517 lbs, stands 6.6 feet tall, 5.25 feet wide and 4.1 feet deep. Further, it brings some of the world’s finest candies and chocolates together, incorporated from the planet’s largest candy store of New York. It includes monstrous cookies, lollipops, gummies, mints, gumdrops, candy coated roof and an alluring lollipop tree inside. Sounds tempting, isn’t it?

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