DIY ‘green’ kid project: Make your own robot

The Calabot robot is a unique DIY kid project completely made out of recycled cardboard. The robot pieces are all pre-cut and pre-punched, making the use of scissors unnecessary, with the assembled size measuring 21x16x9 inches. This is a great father and son project as you can use cable pieces, stickers and other items which you can find at home to decorate the robot. The Calabot robot is recommended for children aged 5 years and above and has been designed to hold well for an open ended creative play.

Calafant Cardboard Robot

‘Green’ design and concept

The materials intended for the robot are all Eco-friendly, such as use of recycled cardboard which is all pre-designed for assembling without the use of glue. This ‘green’ design is the brainchild of the German toy maker, Calafant, and has a built in backpack and front pockets for all the little LEGO people.

With the use of clever slot and groove system, this robot can move its arms which is bound to thrill your children. The manufacturer obviously wanted to create something for children that can be fun as well as safe, while they learn the techniques of creating their own robots. The robot has no batteries, lights and built in motor but is a simple structure of cardboard and other odd items.

The robot has been designed as a learning tool for children’s creativity and expression as they can decide how a certain part should be fixed together. It makes them think and figure out which part goes where and at the end of the task, how best to decorate their own robot. It also teaches children about the importance of recycling and being friendly towards the environment for a better and ‘green’ world.

Why is it great?

Children like building up things and the Calabot is the ideal toy which is simple, fun and durable. Although it is made of cardboard, it can withstand play as long as it is not handled too roughly. Children’s attention span is short and as such, this 45 minutes project can be a continuing project for a number of days, particularly with young kids. The instructions for building the robot is given clearly and in simple tone that any child can understand. The Calafant robot is unique as it minuses out all harmful and toxic materials and is purely of paper and cardboard. This is a great craft kit for children as it will keep them busy for hours or days assembling, painting and decorating and learning new things. Finally, when their project is completed they can proudly display it or play with it.

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Cost: $29.99

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