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Philippines is all set to have an Eco-friendly resort made from recycled materials

The need for eco living has become very important today. The environmental crises that we face today is getting so bad that it calls for us to make changes in our living habits. Environmentalists and scientists are working hard to find ways of how the environment can go back to its natural form. Even governments across the world are doing their part to help save the environment in whatever way they can. One such commendable step that hit the recent headlines is the efforts of the Eco-friendly resort located in Philippines.

Introducing the Nautilus Eco-Resort

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Imagine visiting a place where you can enjoy the best of nature in every way. You open your curtains and find a new view in front of you. When you order something to eat, you are not serviced food that is grown using chemicals. You get a chance to enjoy your vacation and have some meaningful conversation with experts who equally share the love for the environment like you.

Does this sound like a dream?

Well it is not, this will soon become reality in the beautiful islands of Philippines; and all this is possible with the upcoming Eco-Resort called Nautilus Eco-Resort.

Let us meet the team turning this dream into reality

The team from Vincent Callebaut Architectures is the brains behind the designing concept of this new Resort. The reason why this project is so different is that only recycled materials will be used for the construction of the Nautilus Eco-Resort.

What makes this resort so different from the rest?

The Nautilus Eco-Resort is not just any ordinary wellness and eco-friendly resort. The motive is to come up with a project that is zero poverty, zero waste, encourages eco tourism in the Philippines and provides a new hope for the locals.

This resort will also be equipped with educational facilities, a scientific research facility and other such amazing services for the local population. The idea is to teach the future generations about Ecofriendly living in every way.

Design and features of the ecofriendly resort

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Green balconies and shell shaped layout of the resort

The shell shape layout of the resort is the second highlight of this new venture. The guests will enjoy the scenic view of the ocean waters from their green balconies. Each balcony will have its own small garden.  The eye-catching shape of the buildings that will be used for accommodating the guests is another added beauty to the overall design of the resort.

Rotating Accommodation towers

The rotating spiral shaped towers is that it allow every guest to view the landscape from many different angles. This will allow tourists to enjoy the sunrays and get their fair share of getting the best view at any given time.

Transport facilities for guests to reach the resort

In order for a guest to reach the resort, they have the option to travel by electronic boats or sail there. For the generation of wave energy, the resort will also be equipped with underwater turbines. This marks another reason why this eco-friendly resort is different from the rest.

The Origami Mountain

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The Origami Mountain will mark the center base for the Nautilus Eco-Resort. The concept of the resort is not just tourist centric. This space will be equipped with facilities to create a nautical recreation base and scientific research center.

Roof top vegetable gardens and organic orchards

Even the dining facilities of the resort will go the eco-friendly way. The vegetable gardens and organic orchards on the roof of the mountain will provide the necessities for the dinning services. The plans are to ensure that even the food products used are grown organically and are safe for the environment.

Recreational facilities and other features of the Nautilus Eco-Resort

Guests can enjoy various recreational facilities like the seawater leisure pool and sports pool. These pools will be located close to the Origami Mountain. This will help to create a way for eco conscious tourists and researchers to have some good Eco-Friendly conversations. There is also a health club and spa included in the resort. For the local youth, sports halls within the resort will be available to use.  This Nautilus Eco-Resort will also have children’s home and elementary school.


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