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Eco friendly construction trends of 2017 encourages green construction

Green construction is in demand from homeowners, and governments too are imposing a lot of regulations on construction companies to put in place energy efficient, sustainable and eco friendly practices. The global eco friendly construction market is growing at 11.9% annually. There is actually a boom in this sector due to the high demand of green construction. The environment friendly construction trends of 2017 also promise to support green construction. Let’s take a look at some of these trends:

The use of solar panels will increase

Solar energy is being slowly adopted in residences and offices, and with Elon Musk’s company Tesla coming up with sleek new panels which look like glass tiles. People who avoided the use of solar panels due to their bulkiness, now have an option to integrate solar panels in their roofing seamlessly. This would definitely increase the use of solar solutions in 2017.

Water Heaters (tankless)

These new heaters are much more energy efficient, they provide hot water continuously, which is cleaner than the water stored in normal tanks. They take up less space too, so they are finding favor with green construction professionals and we are expected to see quite a lot of them in the next few years.

Recycled steel

One of the most important aspects of green construction is the use of recycled steel in buildings which prevents the production of new steel being produced, thus conserving raw material.

Positive Net and Zero Net buildings

A building that not only fulfills its energy needs but also generates extra energy (which can be fed to the grid or used for other things) is called a Positive Net building. This concept is one step above  Zero Net building, i.e. A building which produces only the energy it consumes. These two trends of green construction are going to be the most prevalent in 2017.

Alternative concrete

There have been many advances in the field of concrete, including a self-healing variety. Using concrete which is more durable and strong, would lead to less production of it, which would reduce the pollution caused by the production of concrete.

Green roofs and Cooling roofs

Green roofs, which are energy efficient and cooling roofs, which keep the temperature of the building down, are eco friendly construction trends that are becoming popular gradually. This trend will continue to grow in the time to come, including this year.

Natural insulation using foam, hemp and wool

Green builders are using natural insulation using foam, hemp and wool, so that running costs come down in a building, and homes and offices can stay warm or cold naturally.

Greywater plumbing

Greywater plumbing is using the waste water of a building by recycling it. These plumbing systems are being installed in green buildings, to conserve the dwindling natural resource –water. A building’s waste water can be treated and used for gardening and so on. This trend is being seen all over the world, even in India.

Smart windows, natural flooring, zero-VOC paints etc

Triple glazed, thermally broken windows which change tints dramatically according to the light outside, improve insulation. Recycled materials and bamboo are being used for flooring, zero-VOC paints, countertops made from salvaged and recycled materials, efficient fixtures, smart energy saving appliances, energy monitoring devices, and Xeriscaping, i.e. landscaping using plants which require less water, are features of green buildings which would be seen this year too.

Renewable energy trend will grow

Renewable energy has reached critical mass, which means that it can grow without governments’ help. Thus, green buildings will be powered by biogas, solar, wind and hydro electricity, making buildings more independent (from the grid) and reducing their carbon footprint.

Biophilic design

This design philosophy, which integrates nature into a building’s design, is becoming quite popular as homeowners and builders look for ways to make nature inspired construction features for the well-being and health of the residents.

India ranks third in LEED certified countries

Green building has seen a dramatic growth in India, which has led to India’s third rank in ten countries which have LEED certification. Green building has in fact been projected to grow by 20% in 2018 in India.

A rise in eco conscious homeowners has led to the rise of the green housing trend in India and other countries, as people and builders work together to cut down emissions and construction waste.

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