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Now O’Hare, Midway Restaurants Asked to Go Green

O’Hare, Midway restaurants asked to go green along with the restaurants in the O’Hare International Airport. As part of being entirely prepared for Earth Day, 2013 all restaurants at the midway and the international airport of O’Hare have been asked to go green and recycle as much as they can. The O’Hare Midway airport and the O’Hare International airport are where the tourists fly in from so it is important that these airports exemplify how green the city of Chicago truly is. With global warming on the rise everything around us is at risk, whether it be health related or some other risk that is the effect of global warming. On a global scale measures are being taken to combat the phenomenon that could destroy mankind, our environment and the planet. Chicago officials are also actively participating in the fight against global warming. These officials are keeping an eye on whether or not the ingredients being used by these midway and international airport restaurants are sustainable or not. It has been mandatory for these restaurants to use at least twenty percent ingredients that are sustainable and also to recycle waste and not just dump it.

Green Concessions Policy

All this is being carried out under the green concessions policy that was recently announced by the aviation department. The O’Hare, Midway restaurants asked to go green have taken the green concessions policy very seriously and are following all the instructions that have been given to them. This is being done to make the airports cleaner and greener, as this is where the journey into the city of Chicago starts. A good first impression is of paramount importance in the tourism business and this is why such extensive measures are being taken make both midway as well as international airports cleaner, greener and healthy for tourists and residents. Better airports will enrich the experience of a tourist that visits Chicago this realization has caused the aviation department to keep an eye on the airports and check their standards thoroughly.

Many major as well small restaurants in Chicago recycle and also use ingredients that are sustainable. Restaurants such as Fresh Sprigs Salad and Nuts on Clark have determined to go green on their own and hence they now comply with the aviation department’s green concession policy. The rest of the restaurants have to comply by the end of the year. Either recycling or composting should be done. This will provide an easy and effective way of waste management. Plastic and Styrofoam will be banned since only compostable materials can be brought into use, at present only 50% of the combined waste from both airports is compostable. 100% is what officials want to achieve. By making these strict rules the city government has shown that it really cares about the health and well being of residents and tourists and also that the government is capable of taking action to save the environment and our planet.  Under this policy waste and refuse should be divided into three different groups one that includes recyclable waste other that includes compostable waste and the third comprises of waste that can neither be composted nor be recycled. The new standards being followed make it necessary that all the paper being used in the office is 100% recyclable. Trash bags, plastic bags that are petroleum based and containers or utensils are all banned.

No More Food Wastage

The O’Hare, Midway restaurants asked to go green have to now donate the extra food made. The aviation department’s policy states that the food that is extra and that will go bad if not consumed within a few hours should be donated immediately. This will help to feed the truly needy. It is estimated that surplus food will be donated from these airport restaurants by 2016.


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