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Note for tweens: Makeup is an accessory not a necessity

Being the mother of a teenage girl, you might find it difficult at times to stop your daughter from experimenting with makeup and trying to explain to her that it need not be an accessory. Teenagers pass through a craze where they like using makeup every now and then. While you cannot stop this craze, they can be encouraged to consult makeup artists or skin specialists before they buy beauty products, in order to keep their tender skin safe from harsh chemicals. After all, your little daughter is no longer a kid but an emerging young woman, who needs to be guided to use the right products. You guidance should make her realize that makeup is not a necessity rather an accessory which should be best reserved for special occasions.

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Makeup for tweens: An accessory not necessity

1. Tweens just do not like being given a lecture as they believe that they are coming into their own, very much aware of how to take care of themselves. While it is alright as long as they experiment with makeup at home, it is important to make them understand that makeup is not a necessity.

2. As a responsible mother, you need to tell them that it is alright to wear makeup for certain occasions as an accessory, as long as it is not overdone. They can perhaps use a little color on their cheeks and some lipstick or light eye makeup, when they need to go to the prom or school dos. During such occasions, they may want to complement their dress with a little makeup which then is used as accessory. Makeup when taken as a necessity can be rather too farfetched at such a tender age.

3. Teens can be encouraged to experiment with makeup at home and can have their own makeup kit too. However, they need to understand that these are to be used as an accessory whenever required and that too in a limit. Make them understand the difference between necessity and an accessory, so that they are more responsible in the way they use makeup.

The right approach

As a parent, you can guide and groom your daughter by having fun makeup time together, impressing upon her that she may soon use it officially at a certain age. You can give her beauty tips on how to maintain a good skin, for which she will be grateful when she is much older. Find out her skin type by consulting a makeup specialist and buy makeup products which are suited for her,free from harmful chemicals. Above all, you can tell her that she is beautiful even without the aid of makeup and that, she must preserve her good skin. By sharing such beauty tips, your daughter will become more judicious in the way she uses her makeup.

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