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Nanoparticles are dangerous to environment, study suggests

nano particles

Dr Tomas Vanek from the Laboratory of Plant Biotechnologies in the Czech Republic sees nanoparticles as prospect pollutants making inroads to our rivers, oceans and ultimately our bodies. Speaking at the CleanUp 09 Conference in Adelaide on 28 September, Vanek pressed for the need of further researches to spot how their more use is vexing the environment.

Since nano-particles are barely one billionth of a meter, their extreme solubility makes them usable in a variety of products like body creams and toothpastes. Moreover, the scientists were hopeful to use them to clean up other unwanted pollutants until now. However, the recent study carried out by Vanek and his team found micro-particles like titanium dioxide, zinc peroxide, aluminum oxide, fullerenes and carbon graphite fibers to be toxic to a tobacco plant. Hence, it’s a perfect indicator of Vanek’s apprehensions.

Image Credit: EOS Therapeutics

Via: ScienceAlert

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