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Motorola offers TETRA solutions to Denmark’s SINE Network

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Motorola, one of the world leaders in the development and deployment of TETRA communication solutions, has been commissioned by Sine Network to install a total of 40 TETRA Base Stations with fuel cell back-up across Denmark’s SINE public safety network. Under the terms of the contract, Motorola will deploy approximately 50 other base stations throughout the remainder of the year.

Developed with Dantherm Power, the fuel cell-based back-up system has been installed with continuous secure communication across the nationwide SINE network in Denmark in order to provide mission-critical operations.

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Providing cost effective solutions for mission-critical environment

The guidelines dictated by the government of Denmark clearly mentions that batteries or conventional generator systems have to be provided as a back-up for main power at critical locations or if the main power has regular swoons. Conventional generator systems powered by either diesel or petrol have a lot of shortcomings like noise and carbon emissions. To overcome the problem, fuel cells could act as a good alternative, as they do not emit harmful carbon.

Loss of power should never be an issue to professionals working in mission-critical or emergency environments, and Motorola has continued to invest in environmentally-friendly backup power systems for TETRA

said Jens Kristiansen, vice president and general manager, TETRA Global Products and Solutions, Motorola.

We are delighted that the SINE rollout has been such a success and we look forward to rolling out further hydrogen powered fuel cells in critical locations across Northern Europe.

TETRA Base Stations that deliver market leading performance and coverage use remote access functions to monitor and diagnose centrally, reducing the maintenance and hence making it cost effective. In places where the TETRA base station is making use of the fuel cell power system in dealing with critical situation in the absence of main power, excess back-up power can be used to recharge TETRA radios, eradicating the need for the user to return to the base to recharge. Motorola’s TETRA solutions have been designed to be affordable, cost efficient and environmentally-friendly in serving manifold users with its flexibility in scale and type of operation.

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