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Monitor your home electricity consumption with Neurio

Often we are not aware of all the appliances that are plugged into our home at a given point in time. A smart system like Neurio helps us monitor the electrical activity in our house. We can save money on our electrical bills by reducing the unnecessary electrical consumption.

What is it?

The Neurio system consists of two current transformers, a voltage cable, Wi-Fi antenna, some accessory and mainly the small black box, which is the brain of the system. The system needs to be fixed to the electric circuit breaker of the house.


The catch with this gadget is that although it can be self-installed, you ought to know quite a bit about electrical circuitry to do it yourself. The simplest solution would be involving a professional electrician in the installation process.

A trained technician would be able to install the device in a matter of 15-20 minutes. To know whether the installation process was successful simply turn off the circuit breaker and then turn it on again, a chime by Neurio would assure correct installation.

Now you will have to visit the official website of Neurio to configure it. The process to configure the device is simple and guided. After the process, the system will be able to sync with your smartphone to its smart app using your home Wi-Fi.

Neurio home intelligence app

The smart app of the Neurio system is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You will get a live graph of the power being consumed at your home, on the home screen of the app. You need to input the cost of electricity per unit in the app and it will let you know about the cost of power consumed in an hour.

This is a great feature to keep a check on your electricity bill. You can always enter the settings menu to make changes in the electricity cost. The lower half of the app screen shows the least power ever consumed at your home (after the hooking up of the system).

Through the app, you will be able to see how much the power consumption increases or decreases, when the various gadgets at home are turned on or off.

Appliance Detection

Appliance detection is an interesting feature that the app includes. We can add up to eight appliances to the app. The app will monitor their activity from the time they are switched on until the time they are switched off.

Since we are more concerned about the major appliances and their power consumption, the app will be able to link with gadgets that consume more than 400 Watts of energy. The usage of any connected appliance can be tracked either by the smart app or through the website.

You can see the time between which a particular device peaked its usage. Data related to the appliances and their usage for the last six months can be seen through the app or the website.

Saving money

The words ‘free’ and ‘money saving’ ring a bell, don’t they? If any particular time you see that the power consumption at your home is above normal. You can actually come to know which devices are consuming maximum power, turning off the unnecessary ones will make sense.

As the system shows you the minimum wattage your home ever used, you can take it as a challenge and lower it further. Hence, you would be contributing towards energy conservation and a green environment.

Through the Neurio app, you can remotely keep an eye on electricity usage at your home. By saving on your electrical bill the Neurio system would cover its cost within a few months.


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