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Models of Diversity: Women Who Snatched Victory from the Jaws of Defeat

Rabekah Marine

<![CDATA[Growing up as a girl is perceived to be all about looking beautiful, looking bold and looking confident. There are however, some girls, who along with these dreams, have to deal with their setbacks and deformities as well. Obviously, this is not as easy as it sounds. While some women lose their hopes and confidence of a happy life, there are plenty others who learn to transform their flaws and weaknesses into their strength to achieve what they’ve always wanted to.

Models of Diversity, founded by former model Angel Sinclair, is an organization that believes that people of all races, shapes, sizes and abilities have a right to look beautiful and fashionable. Breaking the bars of the long accepted “presentation of beauty”, the campaign aims at promoting diversity in the society, age, shape, race and ability. Given below, are life-inspiring stories of women who, in spite of their deformities have become successful models.

Gemma Flagan

Image Source : Images.Express.Co.Uk

31 year old Gemma, who recently debuted in the Models of Diversity show at London’s Olympia, was earlier an air stewardess in the British Airways who always wanted to be a model. While returning from her duties one day, Gemma got a sudden attack of a very rare syndrome named Guillain Barre Syndrome which left her paralyzed completely.

Following the illness, Gemma spent 7 long months in a rehab clinic, struggling to learn how to read, write and speak all over again. Gemma didn’t give up and with all her strength she appeared at the fashion show organized by the Models of Diversity. Gemma says, “It’s about seeing beyond the metal and the rubber, the wheelchair, to see the person behind it or in it. That’s why I wanted to model in my chair. I have disabilities; I am not defined by my disabilities.”

Rabekah Marine

Rabekah Marine

Image Source : Isjmagazine.net

Rabekah Marine is the well known amputee model, who is very active on social networking websites as well. Rabekah had a unique physical abnormality in that, she was born with a missing right forearm. Marine underwent a myoelectric prosthesis at the age of 22. Marine then decided to overcome her flaw in a challenging way and began modeling.

Rabekah says, “I know it’s not always easy to believe that being different is a good thing, but I can tell you from experience that living life with one hand has made me a stronger person, and I am thankful for that. Every day is an opportunity to inspire someone. It’s an amazing quality to have, so don’t be afraid to be yourself and show the world you can do anything you put your mind to.” Rabekah also endorses the Lucky Fin Project (supports people with upper limb differences), Touch Bionics with the help of Advanced Arm Dynamics in Philadelphia.

Stefanie Reid

Image Source : I.Telegraph.Co.Uk│EyeVine

Paralympian amputee player Stefanie Reid appeared lately in a fashion shoe organized by Dbenhams with an aim to promote body confidence in people. Stefanie participated in the London Olympics 2012 and won a silver medal for her team.

Stef believes that all bodies are equally important and they all have a right to good dressing and being represented in the fashion world. Models of Diversity chief, Angel Sinclair describes Stefanie as a role model for people with and without disabilities.

Kelly Knox

Image Source : S.Yimg.Com

She is one of the most celebrated disabled models from UK. She promotes and works for diversity in the fashion industry and wants to set new standards of what we all know as “beauty idols”. Kelly is extremely attractive and has really killing looks with her enchanting eyes.

Kelly was born without half of her left arm but she never thought of herself as being different from others in looks and abilities. When she was just 7, Kelly decided she would never wear her prosthetic arm. She believes life is very short and hence each day should be lives at its best. She too has joined the Models of Diversity campaign lead by Angel Sinclair.

It is an absolute truth that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” All the wonderful women who have been mentioned about prove that what is beautiful is not just about good looks and good body, it begins from the heart of a person and is far beyond our old and out dated concept of being beautiful.

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