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Drilling into the reliability and facts for your home security systems

home security system

Home security is an integral part of a home automation, which gives people a peace of mind regarding their homes safety against fire and burglaries. However, there have also been instances when burglars have used information from people’s homes security systems and have used it to burglarize.

Cameras, thermostat system, motion detectors, smoke detectors, lights, and other smart devices installed in a home offer an easy opportunity to hackers owing to their security flaws.

It is easy to Hack Most Smart Home Security Devices- research

In a research carried out by a security research analyst – Colby Moore, he found out that it is easy to hack some of the security devices because they lack set standards of smart home security. He compared today’s security devices with a computer, which was new in the nineties and had many flaws to it.

The same way home security systems are also treading the path of flaw elimination. Some of the smart home security devices are not that smart and lack proper security standards but it is improving with every passing day.

Colby Moore tested 16 home security devices and only one managed to come out clean, which means it had no security flaws. Some other devices had one or the other security flaw; some had trouble in their password policy while the others had encryption issues.

Bypassing is not that easy

After reading the facts and figures on home security devices, you might be thinking what is the point spending so much of money on the installation of home security system when it just cannot provide you with the required safety. Well, you must keep in mind that a home security system can be vulnerable to the attack of hackers if you make these following mistakes:

  • You get some cheap home security system installed that has no set standards of security.
  • You do not know its limitations and the proper way to use it.
  • The security system in your home has a faulty installation.

As you must have seen burglars breaking in a home by cutting the wires of a burglar alarm, not all that is possible with the latest home security systems, provided you refrain from the above-mentioned mistakes.

No thief can bypass the sturdy home security systems of today. Modern home security systems come with multi-layers of security that no hacker can bypass. Even if someone manages to break one security layer, he cannot break another, thus, failing in his attempts to burglarize your home.

The old alarm systems were easy to hack and they sometimes used to give false alarms taking animals and birds for thieves. Technological advancements and the use the state-of-the-art technology has made home security systems free from all such flaws and much more trustworthy than they were ever before.

Some of the home security systems are so good that they wrap your entire house in the protective shield of infrared rays and motion detectors that do not send false alarms but only when there is actually something fishy happening around your home.

The modern sensors are installed with such precision that they remain hidden and no weather condition can stop them from working. All this technology is wireless today, which makes the entire system all the more effective. They run on batteries, and you need not worry about changing them on time, as they send a refill signal on your Smartphone so that you change batteries well on time.

Home security systems are way more safe and effective than past but some of them have some security flaws. Users can get away with those flaws if they have absolute knowledge, as to how they should be using them.

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