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Mesh wearable garden: A growing dress for a wearer

Mesh wearable garden is known to be one of the fashionable experiment of perfect and professional fashion designers. This wardrobe allows the creators to add on little greens on their wardrobe besides giving them a fresh look.

Mesh wearable garden is an outcome of the question which was put forward to the students to create a unique style that can be regenerated as platform course. Students of Copenhagen Institute, Ali Seçkin Karayol and Mette Lyckegaard exposed a provocative and visionary MESH project.

Mesh wearable garden

The Mesh wearable garden reveals the estrangement of human with the natural beauty rather than been considered a simple functional dress. This wardrobe has made every attempt to create a complete harmony between men and the green environment.

In the competitive world of Fashion, you will although find many eco-fashions that are especially designed in different green forms. Nevertheless, if ever you get a green chance to wear the Mesh wearable garden you can consider yourself the one of a geek of an eco-friendly fashion world.

This green dress is a complete combination of putting all the organic waste in one cell structure and transfer the same into a compost while adding some colorful seeds to it. The dress is then nourished with the soil that tends to grow, change as per the desires and will of the wearer.

As the dress speaks, it does not simply anchor the seeds for the purpose of plantation. It composes of kitchen scraps that nourish the seeds. As the result you will get a wearable portable garden that change forms and colors with the passage of time and day. The main aim behind this was to create a set of beautiful symbiosis and environment friendly relation in between the people and nature.

The Mesh wearable garden is as good as wearing a small compact ecosystem and getting immersed with nature by directly getting in touch with it.

Source: Keesta

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