Make your society a better place with these 7 volunteer activities

It is very easy to blame the government or other people for the problems that we face. We consider ourselves working class people whose sole aim is making more money. We think that it is only our leaders who are responsible for the society. This is a wrong attitude. You must remember that in order to transform the society every individual should work towards its betterment. Your society won’t change, unless you, as a citizen, take responsibility to change it.

You can do plenty on your own

We often control our impulses of doing something good by just thinking that, ‘A single person cannot do much’. Remember, one person, if he does something with great effort and zeal, can inspire millions. If you do something good, you’ll get the opportunity of meeting plenty of good people, which in itself is a great boon. And just in case you are wondering where to start, here are 7 volunteer activities that can make a great difference in the lives of at least a few people around you, if not thousands.

  1. Volunteer for the elderly:

Senior citizens usually end up in Old-age Homes. Visit such homes to offer them your love and care, and to fend for them in every way that you can. It is a good deed to look after old people and you will find that they are much more talented and experienced than anyone can ever be. You will see that they will add value to your lives more than you will add to theirs. A day spent with the lesser-known people of the society never goes in vain.

  1. Volunteer in a nursing home:

Home for cancer patients or people with other terminal illness is a good place to start your volunteering activities. Spend time with such people, and tend to them for as long as you are there. Befriend them and look after their needs. It is a noble deed to take care of a sick person. Having sick people around you will make you look at situations in a different light, and cause you to embrace the beauty and joy of life and good health.

  1. Volunteer to teach English:

English is not a measure of intelligence, but is definitely a medium of exchanging information, widely used. If you are fluent in speaking English, you can provide your services to those who are willing to learn. These can be children of an orphanage, village students, adults, or anyone whom you know that is willing to learn a new language.

  1. Volunteer in cleanliness and hygiene:

There are groups or teams of people that go around cleaning the waste from the streets, roadsides, and beaches. You can become part of one of these groups. They are not tied up with the government or any organization in any way and function independently. You can offer your time and hard work and improve the outlook of your society.

  1. Volunteer for ecology development:

Plant trees. Anywhere you see the need for one, plant it. Take care of plant life and not allow it to be harmed, at least at an individual level. If every man contributes its way to improving the greenery of society, very soon we would have dealt with the problem of the ever-increasing air pollution.

  1. Volunteer for helping animals:

Animals are not humans, but that doesn’t qualify as enough of a reason to treat them unkindly. If you are an animal lover, you can adopt stray dogs or cats and provide for them, instead of purchasing expensive breeds of animals from pet shops. If nothing else, you can give them up at an animal shelter, or maybe donate some money, or pay a visit to one of these shelters occasionally to look after them.

  1. Volunteer to help the disables:

There are plenty of special schools and institutions that look after mentally and physically disabled children. If you wish to do your part in bettering the lives of such people, you can always go and spend your time at such organizations. Teach them the little skills that they can learn. Sing, dance and draw with them. You will feel an immense rush of joy and happiness that nothing else can match. 

There is no act better than coming forth by yourself and lending a hand in contributing to a better society. There are plenty of different and better ways by which you can contribute to the good of the city. There are situations all around that help you understand the requirement for help in society. The above 7 activities are the best among the good ones that you can do in order to ensure that your help reaches the right places, and is contributing to a good cause.

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