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How to make your kids confident and respectful

Kids in their teenage are difficult to manage as they are in a confused phase of their life where they are neither children nor adults. The transition phase is just as difficult for children as it is for parents and if not managed correctly, then parents might lose grip on their children. It is important for parents to be very careful with children in this phase so that they grow up being confident and respectful.

Treat them as individuals

As parents, you must first accept that your child is an individual with independent thoughts and values which may be different from yours. They might question your values and challenge your beliefs, but instead of panicking offer them your support so that they can decide the right path for themselves. Your role as a parent is to be their guide and friend who will steer their thoughts in the right direction.

Set Firm Boundaries

Yes, they must be given the independence to be responsible for their thoughts and actions, but you are still their parents and they are still children in the throes of adulthood. So, you must set some firm boundaries and it must be clear to them that it is not alright to trespass or show disrespect. If your child makes a mistake, don’t be protective, but let them suffer the consequences of their wrong decision.

Don’t Smother Them

You may try strict parenting to control your teen and discipline him/her, and they may be obedient too. However, this will only last for a short time, if things get too restrictive for them, then they are likely to revolt and take a wrong step just to spite you. Your overbearing nature sends them a message that you don’t trust them enough or don’t consider them to be confident enough to take the right decision.

Discuss With Other Parents

If you are apprehensive about dealing with your teen, you can always discuss it with other parents who have children of same age. Discussing children’s behavior will help realize the normalcy of the phase. Your spouse is your best friend and both of you must create a united front and do not let your child manipulate you against each other.


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