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The need for parents to maintain friendship with non-parent pals

The life of a couple undergoes a drastic change the day they become parents. They become much more responsible and serious in life, but in the process, they often fail to find time to meet their friends. Staying connected with friends especially non-parent friends become supremely important as it gives them solace and comfort, and get them going.  

Parents too need a break occasionally

Pre-baby, one generally spent hours with their friend daily, chatting over the phone, watching films, hang around in the restaurant or coffee shop, or even go for picnics and long drives. One’s life, be it the husband or the wife, which was revolved around coffee, chatting and shopping suddenly comes to a still after the arrival of the little new member in the family. At least the first few couple of months, parents need to be devoted to the needs of their newborn baby entirely.

Midnight feedings, visiting the doctor and a little one that depends on his/her parents for everything necessitates for an altogether new schedule. However, in the entire process the parents become so much involved that their life becomes frustrating. Parents too need a break occasionally. They too need some time for them to continue breathing life.

The need for parents to maintain friendship with non-parent pals

Often friendship takes back seat post parenthood. Maintaining friendship is vital because it plays a crucial impact on their health and well-being. Whether it is shopping, chatting, reminiscing, going for a movie, hiking or picking up activities that they used to indulge in before becoming a parent, it is imperative for parents to maintain friendship with their non-parent pals. For it will not only make them feel rejuvenated but also whole. In addition, they will definitely have more energy and excitement to give to their family.

It is indeed frustrating that their child cannot sleep all through the night, resisting potty-training or having tantrums, but there also exist other issues in the world which includes both small and big, personal and political. Thus talking with a non-parent friend about family drama, relationship worries or job problems can be helpful. Just as a change of place can work wonders, so too discussing on non-parenting subjects. Besides engaging with non-parent, friends also help parents in engaging in topics that are passionate and exciting, besides being a parent.


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