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Make heads turn with chic eco-friendly jewelry

Jewelry has long been associated with beauty, elegance, style and women. It is a true portrayal of persona and flamboyance. With the ever-changing world, jewelry fashion has been redefined over and over again. In the present scenario, jewelry is going green. So enhance your beauty and that of Mother Nature, by letting eco-friendly jewelry step into your life.

Kumavana Gomani’s collection:

kumavana gomanis collection

A unique woman deserves unique jewelry depicting art and innovation that truly mesmerizes her. A Sweden-based jewelry designer, Kumavana Gomani, offers a gorgeous and clever collection of flattering handcrafted jewelry made from recyclable material. Some of the most alluring designs of the collection are the Tri Necklace made from recycled ice cream cartons, layered in three strands perfectly portraying grace, elegance and beauty. Then the succulent blue Stockholm earrings handcrafted from recycled plastic and the unforgettable Sno line that comes with a true snowflake look created from delicately hand-cut recycled water bottles.



Whether you are a fashion fanatic or blithe in wardrobe selection, the accessories you pick talk volumes about your personality and style. Integrating some chic eco jewelry into your life from Eco-Tobi would certainly make a statement that channels your eco-consciousness and social responsibility. Rachel Leigh from New York and San Francisco designer Hovey Lee use eco fabric like organic hemp for their cords. Eco-Tobi has three jewelry brands to its name the Hovey Lee, Anna Korte Vintage Jewelry and Rachel Leigh. Things like recycled metals and biodegradable vegetable dye having gone into the making of the exquisite designs.

Wrecords by Monkey:

wrecords by monkey

Are you an admirer of funky and cool accessories? If yes, here is a jewelry line to suit your taste. Giving an urban and rock ‘n’ roll feel to the wearer, Brooklyn-based Wrecords by Monkey crafts unique handmade accessories using reclaimed vinyl records. The company started by Patrick Chirico and Brain Farrell produced multi-hued accessories ranging from bracelets to necklaces to rings and T-shirts.



Wish to express you commitment and love not merely with a ceremony, but also with your actions? Put across your affection to your soul mate by presenting them with eco-friendly wedding jewelry by greenKarat. The company brings to you stunning and exquisite rings and bands made from recycled gold. GreenKarat’s efforts are ending environmental damages caused by gold mining. Nothing else could make a perfect gift for that someone special in your life.

Genevieve Church’s jewelry line:

genevieve church

If you love to go all wild with colors then Genevieve Church’s appealing sculpted glass-art jewelry is just what you have been longing for. She brings new life to glass by transforming it into beautiful jewelry pieces. The collection comprises vibrant necklaces and earrings in a dip of colors like violet, rose, tangerine and lemon. Church with her innovative vision breaks discarded glasses into smaller pieces, then brings to use a process called flameworking, wherein she hand-sculpts them over a torch. She has The Starburst style Cluster, oval-shaped Solitaire necklaces and single or double-disk earrings to her name.

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