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Can rock and roll save the world? Probably not!

Live Earth claims that American citizen’s average carbon footprint is 325 and that of Canada is 305. But maybe they forgot to calculate the carbon released due to the concert. Critics claim that Live Earth, an event which attracted more than 2 billion people, caused in the formation of about 31,500 tonnes of carbon which is 3,000 times the average Briton’s annual footprint.

Live Earth had also been accused of hypocrisy by bands including Arctic Monkeys, The Who and Muse, who dubbed it ‘private jets for climate change’

The act was also accused due to the unsupportive behavior shown by bands like Arctic Monkeys, The Who and Muse, who cared to show the courtesy of using their private jets to save the climate. One of the BBC2 Newsnight’s viewer complained online saying ‘Would you hold a hog roast to promote vegetarianism?’

The outcome of the act is yet unknown and obviously we won’t be able to know it anytime sooner, which makes Live Earth Concerts look like Bush’s War for Peace. It’s a mere speculation but not many people around the globe are going to praise the act when they know about the carelessness shown by few bands.

Comedian Eddie Izzard’s foresight made him say ‘A lot of stuff we tell you we have to do as well. We’re probably more guilty than anyone with all this flying around and stuff.’

Show’s opening host at Wembley, DJ Chris Moyles screamed ‘Hello Wembley! It’s a nice, easy, simple question; can you help save the Earth?’ To Crowd’s unsatisfying reply he said ‘We might be screwed if that’s the response.’

The only question that Live Earth was facing since the beginning of the show was ‘Can rock and roll save the world?’ Even Live Earth’s organizers admit that it will take longer than 24 hours to see results.

Source: Gaurdian
Image: Ecoenquirer

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