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Human polar bear Lewis Gordon Pugh swims to North Pole: Creates public awareness on Climate change.

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All of us know that global climate change is affecting the world. But, how many of us do something about it? Well, here’s a guy who finally decided to do something. Lewis Gordon Pugh (a British adventurer) decided to swim one kilometer in the coldest waters to Geographic North Pole.

However, this is no random publicity stunt or a dare. It has a legitimate cause. The cause is to make people more aware of the ‘devastating effects’ of the climate change.

The man himself :

The 37 year old Briton has already swam in the waters around the world to create public awareness for the climate change cause. He agrees that he is well acclimatized to the cold weather.

When asked about the animals he encountered while swimming in the different water bodies of the world, Pugh simply mentions that he has swam with almost all creatures. According to him the most dangerous animal is the hungriest one.

As a matter of fact, his nick name is polar bear. Pugh can keep his core temperature low like a polar bear. This is because of “anticipatory thermogenises”.As he explains:

Before I even enter the water, I am able to elevate my core body temperature by as much as 1.4°C (35F). This phenomenon, now known as “anticipatory thermogenises”, has to our knowledge not been noted in any other human being.

I think this is great news. I wish I was this well acclimatized to the cold.

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The Challenge:

Pugh will be participating in the Investec North Pole Challenge. This challenge will require the 37 year old to swim in freezing waters where temperatures average about -1.8C. He has already traveled from London to Helsinki ahead of time to prepare for this feat.

He will be using his regular Speedo swimming trunks, cap and goggles. Like other modern adventurer, Pugh has created a website for this challenge and the cause.

Also, the swimmer agrees that this would not have been possible 10 years ago. Back then, the water temperatures in and around North Pole were way lower than it is now. The plan is to complete the swim in 21 minutes and jump in for a hot shower as quickly as possible to raise the core temperature back.

I hope this works and hopefully he will be safe out there. This is just going to be a race against hypothermia for him.

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