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Latest Architectural Design Trends to Make Your Home Stand Apart

Building a house is not just about erecting walls and laying a roof. When we attach emotions to a house, then it becomes a home in true sense. Home is an expression of the self, our personality, and our needs. Everyone wants their dwelling to be the most beautiful and architecturally unique. If you are one among those who have decided to build your nest and are looking for some latest architectural designs, you have stopped by at the right place. Here are some latest trends in architectural designs that will make new home stand apart from the rest.

Ceiling screens:

Using screens for shade from the sun and protection from rain are concepts of the past. Now screens are being used to cover skylights in homes as well. Skylights are used to reduce the need the artificial lighting. Using screens not only protects the interiors from too much sunlight but also creates some extraordinary patterns of shadow, as the sun moves, which will surely blow your mind.

Polished concrete floors:

We all know how tough and durable concrete is which has been used in some age old building which have survived for hundreds of years.Concrete can be transformed into an environment friendly, easy to clean polished floor which is slowly becoming a revolutionary flooring concept. Not only does it look great and classy, it also captures the warmth from the sun that is a boon during winters. Polished concrete floors are strong or durable and easy to maintain as well.

Home automation:

With a whole lot of emerging technologies available at an affordable price and with the population getting more and more accustomed to technology, home automation is slowly becoming extremely popular. In today’s fast paced and busy lifestyle, it becomes convenient to control your homes security, lighting, electronics, etc. remotely using a simple device like your mobile phone or an iPod. Home automation systems not only provide control remotely but also help conserve a lot of energy, which we waste otherwise.

Patterned Façade:

A façade gives a deceptive outward experience and one with architectural patterns becomes a perfect canvas to experiment and play with your imagination. A methodical arrangement of brick-like void appears to be understated and sober, yet they can provide a dramatic play of shadows creating a mind-blowing scene in your homes.

Green roofs:

This one is surely to fall in love with! Green roofs are fast catching up and becoming the most eco-friendly architectural innovations and it is only going to get trendier and better here on. A terrace garden can be the perfect alternative if you do not have enough space around your house. With modern techniques and materials, it is a lot easier to have and maintain a full fledge garden with flowers and vegetables growing on your rooftops. Terrace gardens can bring much relief from the pollution and chaos providing fresh air and a feeling of being amongst true nature.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle:

Energy efficient and sustainable home designs are in trend for a few years now but people are now conscious about energy saving more than ever before. Geothermal heating and cooling pumps, rain water harvesting systems, electric docking stations for car and solar power systems are some of the energy management systems that have now become a part of a home architecture. These are not only green and natural ways of generating energy but they are also very cost effective in the longer run.


Trends in architectural design change with time and requirements of dwellers. These trends will surely help you transform your home into a “sweet home” and make it stand apart from the rest.


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