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Lakeshore School has solar powered portable classrooms

I really regret for not covering this one in atypical housing. The portable at the Lakeshore Catholic High School definitely deserved to be there for a reason or two. First, it is an energy-efficient unit producing renewable energy worth 11,360 watts an hour. It’s just enough to support the entire structure’s energy requirements. Second, the management at Lakeshore is looking to increase the existing capacity. It plans to reduce the operating costs by tapping solar and wind power still more.

The portable has a consolair solar bed, a wind turbine and solar panels to harness both solar and wind power. The windmill efficiently produces 11,000 watts while the solar panels hand out 360 watts per hour. Portable is outfitted with four batteries to store that energy. The consolair solar bed is operational in heating the portable. Another meritorious assumption hopes to pay the retrofitting cost of $12,000 in less than three years.

Via: Welland Tribune

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